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You have been hired by your countrys leader to create a report on the aid your
country has given to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Your leader has instructed you to create the
report based on your findings and present the report to the other nations present.
OBJECTIVE: Students are to create a report on their particular countrys
position on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. This report will have separate parts, of
which individual students will be responsible for. The report should be created
from the evidence provided to the students (and any outside research the student
may have done). Students should also be able to explain their countrys actions to

What do I need to do? When you go into your groups, there should be (at the
max) four students there. Each student will have a particular job to complete. If you
have less than 4 in your group, you will have to divide the jobs evenly.
1) Countrys overall position: Is your country open to accepting refugees? Are
they accepting, but not everyone in the country is accepting? Is your
country against accepting refugees, but okay with donating money? MAKE
2) If your country is accepting Syrian refugees, how many are they
accepting? Are they just giving the refugees asylum (granting a person in
danger the ability to stay in your country to stay safe; does not mean they
become a citizen), or are they making these refugees citizens? Be ready to
give numbers here!! 10 POINTS
3) Humanitarian Aid: How much is your country donating to humanitarian
aid? Where is the money going? Is it going to programs? To other countries
to help with humanitarian aid? How much? 10 POINTS
4) Public perception: Have other countries celebrated your countries actions?
Criticized them? Has there been any humanitarian groups (groups
dedicated to helping refugees) criticize your country? Why? Were there
any political groups inside your country criticizing the decisions your
country has made? Make sure to list just WHO is making these comments.
5) **This is for everyone in the group** Each individual is responsible for
writing down their part of the report. The staplers will be floating around
the room, ready for you to staple together the 4 independent parts. If
anyone in your group ends early, you are to create a cover page for your
countrys report (paper will be provided). You will receive 5 POINTS for
having the 4 individual parts (and cover) stapled together.
6) Total Points for the report: 45 POINTS (test grade)
What other parts are graded in this activity?
1) On-Task Behavior: The teacher will be circulating around the room, checking
yesterdays annotations and observing your progress. There will be four
random times in which the teacher will check for on task behavior; you will not
know when the checks are. If you are off-task, you will receive a zero for that
check. Each check is worth 4 points for a total of 16 points (test grade)

2) Reporting out to class: The country will eventually present out to the class.
You must be practiced, knowledgeable and prepared to answer questions. The
report is worth 12 points (in class work)