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point cloud

The androgynous city is a representation of the denial of a binary definition of the city, a city that
is no morę
a hierarchical, vertical structure known from the history.The role and coverage of
both physical and informatic enables the expansion and blurring of city boundaries.
The limits of understanding of the central and boundary arę no longer fixed.
City becomes a horizontal mesh with a number of local densifications.
The development is no longer conditioned by intentional planning, but becomes
a fruit of the increasing ability to evolve and to adapt itself. The very adaptability turns the city
a field of dynamic flows, where such notions as culture and nature are being disolved.
The sensual aspect of the city is due to the soft passage from one notion to another, like the
gradient between the public and and intimous realm. Point cloud is a easy definable physical
shape leaving thus a large field for interpretation. In the eyes of the viewer the cloud is a
multiplication of sections, not a closed volume. It is an interior and part of the environment at the