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Gun Control

#1 - A person must have a fully developed brain and be assessed by a

professional to be determined mentally healthy
#2 -Be 25 years or older
#3 -They should also carry no criminal record whatsoever.

The highest death rate

attributed to gun fire is in the
United States.
Per 100,000 murders in the
US, 60% of those are due to
gun violence.
This is higher than the other
three countries on this graph
from BBC.

Idea # 1: Increasing Minimum Age

The person will then be fully capable of making decisions on their own.
Based upon the National Academy of Sciences, a person is not fully matured
until the age of 25.
Therefore the age requirement to purchase a gun should be 25.

Idea #2: Assess Mental Health Behaviors

Mental and behavioral health status often goes undetected. People who are not mentally
healthy are more likely to harm themselves and others. This is why firearms should
not be issued or sold just because the age requirement is met.
Mentally ill people who purchase a firearm are at risk of hurting themselves and the
individuals they are surrounding.

Example of unhealthy
mental behavior...

James Holmes age 24 attempted murder

on 2012, shooting that killed 12 people
and injured 70 others at a Century
movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. His
apartment was set with booby traps and
purchased his weapons legally in a
sport store. James Holmes saw three
mental health professionals before
shooting. Lynne Fenton, his therapist at
the University of Colorado, had
claimed Holmes could be potentially
dangerous to others, but before
anything could be done he dropped out
of college.

Example of unhealthy
mental behavior...

Mary (22)was murdered by John

McFarlane (21) with a firearm, a
cattle bolt gun, she called police
after she received threats from
McFarlane. But he later was able to
get into her home and kill her in
front of her three daughters.
McFarlane, days before the incident
was considered risk-free by Suffolk
Mental Health Partnership Trust.

Why Americans Fail Federal Gun Background

NICS EXPLAIN WHO NICS IS..has stopped more than 600,000 people convicted of a crime from acquiring
a weapon since 1998. When the background check system flags a purchaser for a felony or another qualifying
conviction, the transaction is stopped.

There are gun shop owners who produce guns but do not provide a background
check of the buyer. Then there are also those who purchase guns illegally
because they do not meet the United States laws requirement.
Most people claim to purchase guns for their safety, but not all of those gun buyers
use them for the reason they say; they usually use them for gang-violence,
murder, or to resell them illegally.

Idea # 3: Criminal Background Checks



-less serious crimes such as shoplifting or


More serious crimes such as

murder, kidnapping and robbery

Personal Crimes
Offenses against the Person: These are
crimes that result in physical or mental harm to
another person. Personal crimes include: rape,

SLE interview
1. What are your thoughts on gun control? Do
you think they should be stricter or stay the
way they are and why?

1. Well my thought on gun control is well I think

they should stay the same because people
going to find a way to cause harm to the

2. Knowing that United States has the higher

percentage of homicides committed by
guns, do you think it would be best to say
that people do not use the guns as it
suppose to be used

2. Well it depend who has the gun, some people

use it for hunting, others use gun for

3. Do you think there's a distinction between a

crime committed by a gun and a crime
committed without a gun?
4. How do you think the world be if there
were more restrictions when purchasing a
gun? Do you think the world would be safer
or would it be the same? Why?
5. Only 48% Americans own guns for selfdefense, do you think the other 52% should

3. Not every crime involves a gun.

4. In some part it will be safer than others, but I
think the death rate killed by guns will
decrease, if the laws were more strict.There
will be more safer people owning guns and
less firearm death rate.
5. It's the person choice to own a gun,
personally I own a handgun for protection,
because you never know when you might be
in danger.