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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Summary of Meeting of May 9, 2016
Present: Matt Martin and Sean Storey, co-chairs; Jen Mankin, Terry Althouse, Laura Bidwa,
Woody Drake, Rory Krupp, Omar El Hag Musa, Steve Sterrett, Erin Prosser, and Sheldon

Matt Martin and Sean Storey called the meeting to order at 6:09 p.m.
Design review. Sheldon Johnson, consultant with the Greater Ohio Policy Center, discussed a
research plan for his work in Weinland Park. He suggested three questions: What already exists
to guide development in Weinland Park? What are some options? What innovative ideas may be
considered from other neighborhoods or other cities? Mr. Johnson presented PowerPoint
describing his research to date, including the University District Plan (2015) and conservation
district. He then presented ideas from other cities:
Columbia Pike region of Arlington, Va., with form based code focused on setting controls
on building form, rather than land uses.
Department of Neighborhoods in Seattle, Wash., that works with neighborhoods through
creation of district councils to both develop and implement solutions to problems.
Citizen-led planning, largely a European idea, that permits local communities to shape new
development by preparing neighborhood plans.
Mr. Johnson suggested next steps:
Unanswered questions vision, goals, nature of committee, data gathering, clear work plan
Issue identification
Strategic action steps low-hanging fruit (immediate issues), mid-range (conclusion of
GOPC project), and long-term (1-2 years)
One example of a strategic step would be to collect information about specific properties that
were renovated or redeveloped inappropriately and other properties that were renovated or
redeveloped in ways that contributed to the neighborhood fabric.
Laura Bidwa suggested the Housing Committee look back at the work done last summer and fall
by the committee members in developing goals for the committee and potential housing

Campus Partners RFP. Mr. Martin summarized the interviews with the four developer teams at
the last meeting regarding Campus Partners request for proposals for six vacant lots. After
extensive discussion, Mr. Martin asked for a vote on a motion to instruct Erin Prosser to enter
into discussions with the team of Kevin Lykens and George Skaff on construction of new singlefamily homes on the lots. The motion was adopted by vote of 5 in favor, none opposed, and 1
abstention. Ms. Prosser will contact the four developer teams to inform them that the committee
has recommended moving forward with the Lykens-Skaff team.
The business of the committee being concluded, Mr. Martin adjourned the meeting at 7:47 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett

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