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Why it should be more world

By:A'Lexus Heiney

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A'Lexus Heiney
Ms. Van Straten
28 March 2016

Tidal energy
Tidal energy is not a new thing; it dates back to 787 A.D., but
by the 21st century a lot people became more aware. Indeed, tide
mills, have been in use on the Spanish, French and British coasts. Tidal
energy is one of the oldest forms of energy used by humans. Tidal
energy should be more world wide as a sustainable energy source
because it so reliable,renewable, and it's cost efficient.
Tidal energy is energy obtained from tides into useful forms of
power, mainly electricity, and with knowing the energy comes from
waves or tides from an ocean, lake etc. then it's obvious that it will be
a constant wave of energy. They also have these turbines to help
create more waves to create more energy, which pays off in the long
run by powering the generators and power light for buildings. So how

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does it work you may ask, well when you are in a pool, have you ever
bounce up and down or spun in circles and you're creating waves, it's
the same concept only they are doing it for electricity. The tidal
generators turbines are placed in the tidal stream, so the tides are
Some of the benefits of using tidal energy is tidal turbines are
located beneath the ocean surface and cannot be seen or heard, and
water is 830 times denser than air meaning that, for a given electricity
output, tidal turbines can be much smaller than equivalent wind
turbines. (Openhyrdo) Tidal energy is more predictable than air
(wind) energy, and solar (sun) energy because the sun and wind are
an inconsistent source of energy;unlike where Tidal energy produces a
steady stream of electricity. Wind energy may be good for living up in
the mountains and solar energy is good for living a sunny place but
tidal energy is good anywhere because it can be build in smaller bodies
of water and can produce smaller but more frequent waves or tides.
Plus knowing that wind and solar energy is not a consistent flow of
energy that tidal energy is better for a reliable source.

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The environment is a sensitive but a beautiful place, it wouldn't be

good to hurt that, right? Well with this energy it wouldn't harm the
environment that much. Plus there would have more fossil fuels to use
for other thing that the fossil fuels are needed. Use of tidal energy
could also decrease the need for nuclear power, with its associated
radiation risks. (, paragraph 11) Which is a a
lot better for everyone.
In conclusion, tidal energy should be more world wide as a
sustainable energy source because it reliable,renewable,and cost

It will most definitely pay off in the long run because it

doesn't use fossil fuels so we would have more for other things. Plus it
could decrease radiation damage.

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