Art Connections for James Wright By Shane D’sa Biography • • Dad worked in a glass factory for 50 years and mother working in a laundry Life transformed in 1950s when help translate South American and German poetry with Robert Bly

Historical context • • • Works • The Branch Will Not Break -1963 ○ Break away from normal use of traditional rhyme and meter ○ Use deep images Lived when labor regulations few Civil rights movement 1960s World War II and Cold War

Literary Thread • James Wright describes the progression of the American Labor Rights Movement

How to choose Art Connections • • Blood Diamond- watched first in scripture class ○ Show injustices of society and abuse of power “Imagine” sisters favorite song ○ Preach society where everyone is equal ○ Utopia

Art Connection 1 • • • Injustices faced by people in Sierra Leone 1999 People are abused by their own and sent to diamond mines ○ Fund war Governments try and reform to try and eliminate “blood diamonds” from the diamond market ○ Slow moving

Art Connection 2

• • •

John Lennon wants equal world with universal human rights ○ Utopia where everyone is cared for Wright try and eliminate pain he faced as a child with working parents “Imagine”- perfect society with human rights ○ Blood Diamond about struggle for human rights and abuse of power

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