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Running head: Report on Progress of Professional Portfolio

Identify competency Number, Letter and

Describe One significant learning experience in this
course related to the CLPNA competency. Provide
an Example

Describe what you learned and how it relates to the

competency. Explain why it was meaningful.

Uses the Proficiency Categories To rate their

proficiency in the chosen CLPNA competency.
Explain what was done to achieve the competency.

B-3-1 Demonstrate knowledge and ability

to apply critical thinking and critical
inquiry throughout planning of care
One of the significant and essential
experience that I have learned in NFDN
1002 having the ability to use my critical
thinking skill. For instance when
performing G-Tube medication
administration I must remember to do my
three checks, 10 medication right prior
administering. In addition I must
remember to do the assessment prior and
post such as performing the pain
assessment by following the PQRSTU, to
auscultate for bowel sounds.
I learned it is very essential that I must
check G-Tube site for any skin
breakdown, irritation or drainage prior. In
addition I must check for pain by
following the PQRSTU, physicians order,
for formula, rate, route and frequency,
auscultate for bowel sounds, check for
tube placement and remember to do the
three check and the 10 medication right.
In order to perform those skills it requires
critical thinking to enhance the ability of
building throughout planning of cares. It
was very meaningful, because to prevent
any medication error that may lead to
complication. Having the ability to apply
critical thinking and critical inquiry
throughout planning of care it is very
crucial, because that will enhance the
communication between the health care
providers to collaborate and work towards
the center goal to improve the clients
Good: I understand the competency in
theory and in scenarios and nursing
practice. My skills are not seamless and
automatic; sometimes I tend to forget to
explain all the appropriate teaching to the
client prior administering a drug in lab.
Even though that I do understand it is very
crucial and significant of using the proper

Report on Progress of Professional Portfolio

client teaching and how the adverse effect
of the medication is connected with how
much of the teaching the client. Client
understanding play role in order for
treatment to be effective. In order to
achieve the competency I do practice in
the laboratory as well as watch video on
G-tube Moodle prior to the lab, reading
my NFDN 1002 book and also go to as
many open lab to practice my skills. In
addition attending lecture and reading my

Describe how you will apply this learning in your

current and future nursing practice.

In order to be able to provide the best care

to my client I must be able to use critical
thinking throughout planning of care. For
instance I need to use critical thinking to
evaluate the outcome of my client wellbeing and also to communicate effectively
with health care provider team. In the
future nursing practice I will use my
critical thinking to gain knowledge
through experience and ongoing new
skills that I might have to learn to enhance
my knowledge or to keep myself up to
date according to my scope of practices
that I must be compliant with.