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When each special event is completed, planners should have multiple forms of
evaluation. This feedback is designed to improve future events and learn from their
experiences. For purposes of the class, event planners will conduct two types of
evaluation: one completed by themselves, and one completed by the participants.
Special Event Evaluation (by co-managers) The following page provides a detailed
list of questions which event planners should answer and turn in within one week of their
Special Event Evaluation (by participants) Event planners will design a simple
instrument to gather feedback from their participants. This instrument should be limited
to three to four questions. The evaluation will be administered either during or after the
event. Results from the data should be reported in a clear, concise fashion and turned in
within one week of their event. Please follow this format including numbering the
sections of your evaluation:
1. Purpose of the evaluation (one sentence)
- The purpose of this evaluation is help us identify our programs strengths and
weaknesses as well as the overall effectiveness of the program. This will help
us determine what to change and keep the same in order to improve our
effectiveness of the program.
2. Method(s) by which the evaluation was administered

Why did you choose this method?

- Questionnaire with a few open-ended and close-ended questions. This way
we can get a little more insight and ideas on what to improve with the openended questions. I would only make a few open-ended so the participants
wont get too overwhelmed with our questionnaire, the rest would be closeended.

How did you collect the data?

- Print out the questionnaire and have each participant fill it out.

Who collected the data?

- My partner and I would hand them out and give them time to fill them out and
we would collect them all afterwards.

At what point of the event/program did you collect the data?

- We would collect this data the last day of our program.

3. Methods by which the data was analyzed

How did you organize and make sense of the data?

- Go through each evaluation carefully and make themes of what are the main
weaknesses and strengths that pop out.

4. Interpretation of the data

What did you find out from the data?

o Our participants did not actually fill out the evaluation.

5. Recommendations based on your findings (Based on your data only, NOT on your
opinions, what would you change if you were to do this event again? You may
include your opinions, which are also valuable, in the assignment described on the
next page.)
6. Copy of the instrument
1. Did you enjoy our program?
2. What are some things you think we should have done differently?
3. Do you feel like you gained something for your personal benefit from our
sessions? If so, what?
4. What are some things you liked about our program?


Please respond to the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Turn this in one
week after your event.

Event Information (some background of the event should be included here):

Name, date, time, venue, and organizer(s) of the event

o Teens Today, Leaders Tomorrow (Spike Ball Tournament)
o May 20th, 2016
o 4pm
o Boys & Girls Club (Gym)
o Wallace Bedford & Gabriela Becerra
How long were you at the event (from what time to what time)?
o The event was from 4pm-5:30pm
o We were there from 3:30-6pm
Brief description of the event
Mission: Inspire and enable young people to reach their full potential as
responsible, productive and caring citizens.

Target audience: Youth at risk
Programs/activities: Odyssey (Team Building Activities) & Spike Ball
Tournament at the end of all the sessions.
Marketing/promotion: Announcements during the Boys & Girls Club
meeting times and we went in before hand to promote our
program by personally walking up to the teens and giving them a
little background of our program.
Sponsors/vendors: Wallies Organization, Boys & Girls Club, out of
2) Goals of the special event (Reprint the original goals taken from program

To inspire and enable young people to reach their full potential as

responsible, productive and caring citizens

- To Provide a safe and healthy environment.

- Teen to be able to have fun and learn a lot about themselves.

- Communication, teamwork, stress management, problem solving, and
other life skill

- Motivate and help build leaders


Did the goals change? If so, why and how? Were the new goals ever recorded
and approved?
o Our goals did not change. I do think that we reached a few goals but
definitely not all of them.

Observations. Please comment on the following:

Overall quality of program - To what extent did co-managers strive for

o I think we did a great job to try to make this event be a great
experience for the kids as well as for us. We really went out of our
way to make our original goal happen. Many times there were
conflicts, but we tried our best to make everything work out. For
the most part we figured something out to make it great for the

Communication with co-manager How was communication maintained?

o Our communication was great for the most part. Our main form of
communicating was text messages. We would communicate in
person during class time, meetings, our sessions, and we would
use google docs and email to work on homework assignments.

Communication with vendors Explain how vendors were contacted and

o We really did not have to communicate with any vendors. The
nachos and drinks came from out of pocket, the equipment was
provided by our supervisor, and the spike balls from Wallies

Communication with agency supervisor and instructor

o How was communication consistent and informative?

Yes, our communication was consistent and very
informative. He would always give us feedback after each
o How were the agency supervisor and the instructor apprised of
the progress of the program?
Our supervisor would give us feedback after each session.
o Please comment on adequacy of resources (budget, materials,
space, time, etc.)
We had enough material
Our budget was very tight because we got the food out of
The space was more then enough
Time was our biggest issue. Trying to agree on times
between our supervisor, and co-managers.

Creativity/resourcefulness How did event reflect ingenuity and creativity? To

what extent did co-managers use a variety of resources?
o I feel like our creativity did reflect on our sessions as well as our
bigger event. I do think we could have incorporated more
creativity in our sessions and event.

Professionalism How did co-managers display professionalism and maturity

throughout the planning of the event
o I feel like we displayed decent professionalism and maturity
throughout the planning of the even. Our way of communicating
with our supervisor was always via email, we were always on time
or a little earlier to meetings and sessions, we made sure to set a
strong boundary between the teens and us.


Organization To what extent were co-managers prepared and organized for

each of their responsibilities (meetings, etc.)?
o I think we were well prepared and organized for each session,
event, and meeting. We did have an issue once because we lost

the copies of our session plans and we had to work the session
without them.


Adaptability How were co-managers able to be flexible and alter plans

according to changes in interest of participants, weather, # of participants, etc.?
o At first we were all over the place not knowing what kind of
program we wanted because we both had different interests and
ideas. It all worked out, we came to an agreement with something
we both liked and felt comfortable with. Timing, like I mentioned
was a big issue for us, but we would always find a way to work
around our schedule.

Time management How were assignments, responsibilities, and meetings

conducted in a timely manner?
o It was difficult for both of us to get assignments done on time and
work on them together. So we would either have one do one
assignment and the other do the following assignment. Our
meetings were usually very quick and to the point due to our busy

Attitude To what extent did the co-managers exemplify a positive, professional,

attitude throughout their program?
o There were a few times when our sessions didn't go as planned
and we might have gotten a little negative about it, but we always
managed to come back up and try our best.
Your analysis based on your observation:

Relative to your goals, was the event successful? Why or why not? Please
refer to each of your goals when addressing this question.
o Yes, it was successful maybe not as beneficial as we were aiming for
but it was definitely a good learning experience for the teens. After
each session we would have a debriefing portion where we would
explain the reason to each activity. We would relate the activity to real
life issues and scenarios. These scenarios related to improving
communication, leadership, teamwork, and listening skills. I do think

these teens felt more motivated and inspired when we wold talk to
them about their future and from us telling them personal stories.

What did you learn from this event? Be specific on four (4) or more topics
(e.g., effectiveness of marketing, entertainment, vendors, volunteers, risk
management, etc.)
o I learned that volunteering can be such huge impact on others. Giving
the community a few hours of my time weekly made a big difference to
these kids. I felt it by the last session how much these kids had
matured around us and how excited they would get to see us walk in.
o Risk management was an eye opener to me. Before this class I did not
know how many things we have to look into and think of. I didnt know
there were so many liability forms that have to se signed and
agreement forms. I great thing to learn about.
o Entertainment was a huge topic we had difficulty with but improved
quite a lot. It is safe to say the beginning of our program was not that
successful. Mainly because we didnt know how to entertain the kids,
the kids were not as enthusiastic about the activities as we wanted
them to be. We were too serious and stuck on following each rule of
the activity step by step. As the time went on we started learning what
they were into and how to engage them. We began to let lose a little
more and just having fun with them during the activities.
o We learned a lot about marketing as well. We did not so great with our
marketing and now we know how important marketing is. We didnt do
much advertising for our program around the club and the
consequences were that not many kids showed up to our sessions.

What would you do differently to make the event better? Why? Be specific.
o I would put more thought into it. Make each session more fun and
outgoing. I would give more time to coming up with different ways to
changing up each activity so the teens can be more enthusiastic about
the activity. Our debriefs were one of my favorite parts because we got
the chance to talk to them a little about our personal experiences and
gave them heads up on what to expect when going to college. I would
have liked to put a little more time into thinking and planning out what
to say during this time because we would really just say what came to
mind at the moment. I feel like the students would have received a lot

more from us if we would have put a little more time into these


Participant Attendance

Develop a system for counting the number of participants. Describe the

system for this assignment.
o We would have a sign in sheet and have each kid sign in as soon as
they walked into the gym.
What was the number of participants for your event?
o Roughly 10 kids each session. There were defiantly more attending
during our spike ball tournament. I would say about 15 that day.