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Talent and Development (lesson= time

Monday, November 16, 2015

Working with the EFFECT method of time management.

E= essence deals with the purpose that you have.
F=what is your role/contribution
F=Limit destructions
E= Putting much effort in more profitable works to generate more better and
positive results
C= Creativity is a skill that cannot be left out
T= Toolbox that is finding what kind of methodology, process or ways that suits you
and enable you to work
QUADRANT 1 = FINISHING E-SKILLS PROJECT on(Info graphics) tom make a CV then
make a presentation on Monday23, NOVEMBER 2015.
QUADRANT2= I have plans to go to a family program (Naming ceremony) on the 21,
On that same day I need to watch one of the biggest football rivalry match between
Barcelona & Real Madrid.
Going on a dinner date with my Girlfriend & family (her moms birthday)
QUADRANT3= Going to church on Sunday, 22 November 2015 from 1pm - 4:30pm.
QUADRANT4= Spend time with my family & loved ones through social media.


I will ask myself what I am missing being it creativity or connection.
I am going to try and master at my department i.e. programming so that I will be
the one they will be relaying on that aspect.
I will also try and gain a little knowledge about other aspects of the company so I
can give and share my views and not only be stacked to programming.
With a helicopter view I get to know the overall factors that contributes to the way I
A general idea of the situation might be useful in gaining a general idea what is
happening but I am some1 that likes to take the little details into consideration.
Therefore if I am able to gain a broad idea I will also will like to tackle it from the
detailed perspective and a helicopter view might not be enough to enable me gain

insight on the problem, because missing details might contribute to insufficient

Time wasters
Losing things with regard to


Tendency towards

Postponing tasks

Focusing on too many


Having a lot of spare time

because of too few priorities



How can I avoid this?

Creating of folders with titles
of courses, using sticker
Notes on pc to write down
important things said in
Its not easy to focus 3 hours
continuous, determine to
work an hour and half without
focusing on
Anything else. Hen take a
break then come to continue
if necessary
Try and error is the way I
achieve my perfection.
Making a planning my
assignment schedules with
alerts and alarms so I can try
and stick to d schedule and
work effectively.
Make distinctions (HAVE A
MAJOR PRIORITY) First things
Apportioning equivalent time
to my priorities.

My fist action to asses Mr. Peter was to give me an idea on how he is doing in terms
of his attitude towards the work.
He since it was hard for him to agree to undergo that program I should rather try to
explain to him his importance to the company and give him an influence on the
importance of the assessment with regards to his Carrier.
If the general company assessment was not working, then I could have taken him
out of the work zone and make him feel free to collaborate with me on his trust
issues by creating a bond or friendship between me and him.
After gaining his trust I could persuade him to collaborate with the others and then
analyze the results. If its positive then he will be able to maintain his job and
enable the project go through successful.
Research Methodology
Is a way to find out the result of a given problem on a specific matter or problem that is also referred
as research problem! In Methodology, researcher uses different criteria for solving/searching the
given research problem. Different sources use different type of methods for solving the problem. If
we think about the word Methodology, it is the way of searching or solving the research problem.
(Industrial Research Institute (2010) Research management. Michigan: Industrial Research Institute,
According to Goddard & Melville (2004), answering unanswered questions or exploring which
currently not exist is a research. The Advanced Learners Dictionary of current English lays down the
meaning of research as a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in
any branch of knowledge. Redmen & Mory (2009), define research as a systematized effort to gain
new knowledge. (Redman, n.d.)
In Research Methodology, researcher always tries to search the given question systematically in our
own way and find out all the answers till conclusion. If research does not work systematically on
problem, there would be less possibility to find out the final result. For finding or exploring research
questions, a researcher faces lot of problems that can be effectively resolved with using correct
research methodology (Industrial Research Institute, 2010).
Examples of Methodology
First let's consider a case study. A case study is an in-depth investigation of a single event or
person. Let's imagine that case studies were used to obtain the data where a positive relationship
was discovered between children who need glasses and children who do not eat carrots often.
Looking at the relationship between carrots and eyesight again, the research could look something
like this: in-depth case studies were performed on 100 different children to see if an environmental
link could be found to good eyesight. 50 of the case studies were performed on children who wore
glasses and 50 were performed on children who did not wear glasses. The information from all 100
case studies would then be examined to see if there is a possible link to be investigated.
Now let's consider a true experiment. In a true experiment, effort is made to control all influences
other than the ones that are being studied. Controlling all other influences allows the researcher to
determine a cause and effect relationship between what's being studied. In other words, the
researcher will essentially have full control.

Now, let's think about the carrot study again. In a true experiment, a large group of similar children
would be selected. They would then be randomly divided into two groups. One group would be fed a
cup of carrots at least three times a week. The other group would be given no carrots at all. The
children would then be monitored to see if there is any change in their eyesight over time. If these
changes are related to one another, then a cause and effect relationship has been discovered. (The
Importance of Understanding Research Methodology, n.d.)

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