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Doe v LMSD - Factual Findings Memo Complete

Doe v LMSD - Factual Findings Memo Complete

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The District has an Administration, which includes the Superintendent and several

“cabinet members” who have district–wide responsibilities. During the redistricting process, Dr.

McGinley’s cabinet included the following individuals: Dr. Michael J. Kelly, Assistant

Superintendent; Edward Andre, Director of Transportation; Scott A. Shafer, Business Manager;

Pat Guinnane, Director of Human Resources; and Doug Young, Director of Public Relations.

Plaintiffs called as witnesses a number of District Administrators who testified as to their

role in putting together the various redistricting plans. Most of this testimony concerned

programmatic, logistical, and transportation issues. For example, Dr. Kelly, the District’s


Assistant Superintendent testified at length about how during redistricting, the Administration

was concerned about not increasing the number of buses, due to the increased fuel, storage, and

employee costs that would result. In addition, Dr. McGinley testified that throughout

redistricting, the Administration worried about how to transport students to the high schools

given the limited number of buses, and that as a result, the Administration considered staggering

school start times in order to reuse existing buses. Edward Andre, the District’s Director of

Transportation, then testified that there were limitations on bus storage facilities, which

prevented the District from increasing the number of buses. Although this testimony provided

helpful background, it is not deserving of significant weight in the Court’s determination as to

the motivations underlying the redistricting process.

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