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Chris Antenucci ?

@chrisantenucci 58m58 minutes ago Akron, OH

@imcrews @burniethompson @AP4LP me too. I'm a former Cruz supporter
who jumped on the Petersen train before most.
(R)eal Black Courage ?@imcrews 55m55 minutes ago
Well @chrisantenucci from what Ive seen thus far if Cruz is absolutely a nogo, @AP4LP is the best candidate for POTUS. @burniethompson
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@imcrews @chrisantenucci @AP4LP @burniethompson AP4LP was on a radio
show w/ Kevin Williamson & said he's for open borders- multiple times.
5:46 PM - 21 May 2016
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Devon Jackson ?@shortycat1 37m37 minutes ago
@Exasperated5 @imcrews @chrisantenucci @AP4LP @burniethompson open
borders is my concern with @AP4LP also
Chris Antenucci ?@chrisantenucci 31m31 minutes ago Akron, OH
@shortycat1 @Exasperated5 @imcrews @AP4LP @burniethompson it's a fair
point. but think of it this way, he'll have to work with a GOP cong.
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Exasperated5 ?@Exasperated5 30m30 minutes ago
@chrisantenucci @shortycat1 @imcrews @AP4LP @burniethompson They'd
have to honor oath & defend Constitution. But I don't think he'd win.
Chris Antenucci ?@chrisantenucci 29m29 minutes ago Akron, OH
@Exasperated5 @shortycat1 @imcrews @AP4LP @burniethompson he prob
cant win, but he could steal enough votes to toss it to the House
Exasperated5 ?@Exasperated5 27m27 minutes ago
@chrisantenucci @shortycat1 @imcrews @AP4LP @burniethompson That's a
good point! So join w/ AP4LP or write-in Cruz? Our unity cld make dif
Chris Antenucci ?@chrisantenucci 20m20 minutes ago Akron, OH
@Exasperated5 @shortycat1 @imcrews @AP4LP @burniethompson . .other
than cruz loyalists. we need to draw in new voters . .

Exasperated5 ?@Exasperated5 18m18 minutes ago

@chrisantenucci @shortycat1 @imcrews @AP4LP @burniethompson Hey,
you're good! Okay, new voters also a point in AP4LP's favor. I'm sold.

Exasperated5 ?@Exasperated5 10m10 minutes ago

@chrisantenucci @shortycat1 @imcrews @AP4LP Well that means I'm
following you now as well as imcrews & Bernie Thompson! Will spread the