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: 20.05.2015

Partner Determination process is used for designing the vendor

master where your vendor act as goods supplier, Ordering Address, Invoice
Payee(during business transaction ,how your vendor act). Lets says ,you
have vendor and there are three office such as main office is in delhi,
branch office in Mumbai, Hyderabad and they supply goods
from Bangalore, here goods supplier is Bangalore office and Ordering
Address may be Mumbai,/Hyderabad and invoice payment to main branch
to Delhi. So in this case you have to Partner Determination process

In partner determination Process, you have following configuration steps

Partner Function: SPRO->MM->Purchasing->Partner Determination->

partner roles->Permissible partner roles per account group

Create new function for vendor and goods supplier link with LI(vendor).

Link the partner function with certain account group save.

Partner Schema:

SPRO->MM->Purchasing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in

Vendor master record-> Define partner Schema

Vn->partner function in procedure->new entreis->give parner function>save

Assgin partner schema to account Group

SPRO->MM->Purchasing->Partner Determination->Partner setting in
Vendor master record-> Assign partner schema to account Group.

Partner setting in purchasing documents:

spro->material management->purchasing-> partner determination->partner
setting in purchasing documents->difene partner schemas

In New entries

Select purchasing schema with partner function in procedures assign partner



Assign created partner schemas to document types

Now create two vendor for two account group using by xk01


Select partner function assign your partner function with vendor