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Last updated: September 2008

Child’s Age Mastered Skills Emerging Skills Advanced Skills

(most kids can do) (half of kids can do) (a few kids can do)
19 months  Uses a spoon  Understands  Washes and
and fork as manay as dries own
 Runs 200 words hands with
 Throws a  Recognizes help
ball when  Points to
underhand something is picture or
 Enjoys wrong (e.g. object when
helping calling a dog you it by
around the a cat) name
house  May know
when she
needs to pee
20 months  Feeds doll  Learns  May start
 Takes off words at a exploring
own clothes rate of ten or genitals
 Dumps an more a day  Draws a
object in  Can walk up straight line
imitation, stairs (but  Names
such as probably not several body
throwing down) parts
21 months  Can walk up  Throws a  Names
stairs ball simple
 Able to set overhand picture in a
simple goals  Kicks ball book
(e.g. forward  Can walk
deciding to  Stacks six down stairs
put in a blocks
22 months  Kicks ball  Does simple  Puts on loose
forward puzzles fitting
 Follows two-  Draws a clothes
step reuest straight line  Might be
(e.g. “Get  Names ready for a
your doll several body big bed
and bring it parts  Understands
(e.g. tall vs.
23 months  Names  Opens doors  Talks about
simple  Sings simple self (likes,
picture in a tunes dislikes)
book  Takes more  Asks ‘why?’
 Uses 50-70 of an interest
words in playing
with other
24 months  Names at  Talks about  Begins to
least six self understand
body parts  Arranges abstract
 Half of things in concepts
speech is categories (e.g. sooner
understanda  Can walk and later)
ble down stairs  Becomes
 Makes two- attuned to
to-three gender
word differences
sentences  Learns to