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Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

Teacher Candidate
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Angela Wong
April 1, 2016

Name of Lesson
domain(s) addressed

Transportation Safety
What concepts or developmental skills will this lesson address?

Brief description of the

This lesson is:


Learn and Explore Preschool 330 Neptune Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11235

Ages 4-5/Pre-K
Ms. Alana
Classroom Number

Physical Development and Health: Children will learn build and

demonstrate a better understanding of different ways that people stay
safe while using transportation.
This lesson will focus childrens attention on the importance of looking
at, understanding, and following traffic signs.
A new
A continuation of a previous lesson/activity
A conclusion of a concept
A review of a previous
Why is there a need for this lesson?
Students have previously discussed some safety precautions that they
can take while riding vehicles like bicycles, cars, and buses (i.e. wearing
helmets and kneepads, putting on your seatbelt, remaining seated
while the vehicle is in motion, etc.). When traveling on the road,
whether it is in a vehicle or on foot, there are rules that are meant to
keep everyone moving in a safe and organized manner, which are
communicated through traffic signs and lights. In order to for drivers

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

Objective(s) of the

Connections to

Language Objectives

and pedestrians to stay safe, they need to be able to recognize and

understand traffic signs.
Keep in mind appropriate length of an activity for preschool-aged children is 20
mins at most, no more than 45 mins for children K-2 grade)
20 minutes
What will children know, or demonstrate as a result of this learning experience?
Students will be able to recognize and identify some basic traffic signs.
Students will be able to use their knowledge of traffic light colors and
picture cues to determine what some traffic signs mean.
Students will be able to identify some safety precautions.
Which NYS Early Learning, or Common Core Standards are addressed? Are there
other standards used?
PK.PDH.9. Demonstrates awareness and understanding of safety rules.
PK.SED.5. Demonstrates pro-social problem solving skills in social
PK.AC.3. Demonstrates that he/she understands what they observe.
PK.SL.1. With guidance and support, participate in collaborative
conversations with diverse partners about pre-kindergarten topics and
texts with peers and adults in small and large groups.
What language/vocabulary, communication, or literacy skill(s) do I want my
students to develop in this lesson? For edTPA consider this: Which academic
language demands am I targeting? Choose one, including language functions,
vocabulary, syntax, or discourse that is central to this learning segment. How is
this activity using the specific language demand?
For this lesson, we will be focusing primarily on building vocabulary.

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

Children will learn new words related to safety. These are traffic light,
traffic sign, STOP, go, slow down, yield, and pedestrian.
(Include any worksheets or
sources of evidence for
childrens learning you will
use during the activity)
Technology inclusion (if
Procedures (step by

- Red Light, Green Light by Yumi Heo

- Paint (red, yellow, green, white, blue)
- Crayons
- Markers
- Assorted construction paper
- Scissors
Anticipatory Set (Connection/Motivation) What will you do to get childrens
attention, or to introduce children to this learning activity? Describe the process
in getting them interested and engaged.
To introduce children to this learning activity, I will show them a picture
of a traffic light. I will ask them What is this?, What does it tell us?,
and Why do you think we need it? These questions will prompt them
to consider that they serve a purpose, and that they convey meaning
through symbolic representations.
Instruction/Mini Lesson (Outline the procedures or sequence activities that will
make up this learning experience; for instance, you might follow a routine
wherein you model (I try); and ask for active involvement (we try) during a whole
group session.
- I will read the book Red Light, Green Light by Yumi Heo. As we go
through the book, we will use picture cues to help us figure out what
the various traffic signs in the book mean.
- Afterwards, I will show the children a picture of a STOP sign and ask

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

them what it is.
- We will discuss what colors and letters are used. (Red means STOP,
and S-T-O-P spells the word STOP.)
- I will show them a picture of a No Bicycles sign. What do they see?
What colors and shapes are used?
- We will determine that there is a picture of a bicycle in a red circle
with a cross over it.
- I will ask them what the red color on a traffic light means (STOP). We
will make the connection that whenever they see a traffic sign in the
color red, it is indicating that something needs to stop. In the case of
the No Bicycles sign, the red is telling the bicycles to stop. But more
specifically, if they see a red circle with a cross, it means NO.
- I will hand out pictures of different sigsn to pairs of children. With
their partner, they will have 3 minutes to discuss and determine what
they think their sign means.
Independent Practice (small group activity, working with partners, or
Using the various materials, students will create their own traffic signs,
whether they are real or made up.
Closure (sharing/reflection, next steps)
Children will take turns sharing out to the class about their signs. Other
children will try to determine and state its meaning.
Method of assessing
understanding of

Outline the steps you will
take to evaluate
students prior

Assessment of Student
Learning Outline the steps
you will take to evaluate
students learning. What

Assessment of
Childrens Language
Outline the steps you

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

(Be sure to include any
tools, rubrics/checklists
and/or worksheets you will
use for assessment(s)

Plans for differentiated


Take the children
outside for a walk
around the
Observe to see if they
can spot any traffic
signs and identify
their meanings.

Supporting children
with identified delays
or disabilities
What considerations

evidence will I have to

assess whether students
have successfully achieved
the content objectives?
Put out different traffic
signs in the Blocks
Center. Observe children
to see if they can follow
the signs during their

will take to evaluate

students language
learning. What
evidence will I have to
assess whether
students have
successfully achieved
the content objectives?
Review familiar
signs and check for
understanding by
recalling their

Create role-playing
scenarios. Children can
act out scenes involving
different types of
transportation. As they
do this, they will
encounter different
types of signs, which will
be pre-determined by
the teacher. Students
will be required to
identify what the signs
Supporting English Language Learners
What modifications should I make to the activity to
ensure all students are included and engaged in all
steps required to meet the lessons objectives?

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

should I keep in mind
regarding cultural
relevance, age
appropriateness, and
ability levels for all

Follow up/Extension

To ensure that all students are included and

engaged in all the steps that are required to
meet the lessons objectives, I will have plenty
of picture cues with labels. I will also play a
video related to the topic. There will be a lot of
oral repetition.

When supporting
children with
identified delays or
disabilities, I will give
them extra time to
complete their tasks,
along with more
encouragement, and
support. Children can
also pair up with a
friend, take pictures of
signs, and discuss the
meanings of signs
together at a later
time, or even at home
with their family.
How can I provide an opportunity to remediate, reinforce, or expand on students
learning today in class?
Invite a police officer for a class visit and have him/her talk to the class
about safety. Children can ask questions and discuss ways that they

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

stay safe when travelling via various modes of transportation (i.e.
walking, riding a bicycle, a scooter, a car, or a bus, sailing in a boat or
ship, flying in an airplane or helicopter, etc.).
Any additional
information that would
be helpful for the
observer to know
Observer feedback on the lesson plan, including commendations and recommendations for improving aspects
of the learning activity