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Standard 2.3
Standard 2.6

The following is a sample of the Lesson Plan format used by the University.
Lesson Topic/Focus:

Location Map of the school



AusVELS Domain(s):


Year level(s):


AusVELS strand (s):

Measurement and Geometry

Lesson duration:

60 minutes

AusVELS sub-strand(s):

Location and Transformation

AusVELS Dimension(s) or
Religious Education
Learning Standard(s)/Outcome(s):
Students will create a map of the school with a key, using the appropriate scaling.
- Students will create their own map of the school.
- Students will create a key for their map.
- Students will be able to apply a scale to their map.
Teaching focus:
(Chosen by Associate Teacher)
- Have students reflect on what they have learnt in the lesson.

Meets standard 2.3 by

applying the content being
taught to the curriculum.
Also by assessing students
from what they are
expected to know from the

(Your personal choice of skill development)
- Involve more students in the class discussion, not just the students who always put up their hands.
- Make sure the lesson does not go over time.
Background to the learning:
Teacher (Teacher resources to inform your content knowledge)
Australian Curriculum (2014) Cartesian Coordinate System, Retrieved on 23/06/2014, from source:
Google (2014) Google Maps, Retrieved on 25/06/2014, from source:
Kids Geo (2014) Geografie voor Educatie (2000) Map Skills: Scale, Retrieved on 23/06/2014, from
Maths is Fun (2011) Coordinates, Retrieved on 23/06/2014, from source:
Math Steps (1999) What is it? Coordinate graphing, Retrieved on 23/06/2014, from source:
The Key to Understanding Maps, Retrieved on 23/06/2014, from source:

Used previous
knowledge of
students to plan
this lesson,
meeting standard

Student (Identify Students background and current knowledge of topic)
- This is the second lesson of two, where students have already started creating a map, and have learnt
about co-ordinates, keys and legends and scale.
Lesson resources:
- Projector
- Powerpoint
- Half drawn school map sheet. - Whiteboard

- Word file with camp map

- Whiteboard markers

- Maths books

- Rulers

- Pens or Pencils

- Laptops

Lesson content:
15 mins
Students will have 15 minutes to try and finish off their camp maps from last lesson. They will
be asked to include a scale and a key. They will be reassured that it does not need to be
perfect, they are just practicing.

(6 steps each with a focus question)

10 mins

1. After students have completed their map within the 15 minutes, they will be asked to reflect
on their map by answering the questions, What problems did you encounter while you were
working on this piece? How did you solve them?
2. Students will be told to go get the laptops and have one between two. They will then be
instructed to go onto Google maps. Has anyone ever used Google maps before?
3. The teacher will then tell students to type in the school address, click satellite and zoom in for
a Birdseye view. The teacher will walk around the room to make sure everyone has the right
map. Is anyone having trouble getting their map on the screen? And ensure that everyone is
using the internet appropriately.
4. The teacher will then show students the success criteria along with the sheet they will be
using to draw their map. The teacher will say that students need to create a key/legend for
their map. Whats involved with a key/legend?
5. The teacher will then go over the scale for the map, on the sheet they will be using. The
teacher will explain the scale being used so they do not get confused once they begin. The
teacher will also tell students to include letters/numbers around the outside of the map. The
teacher will ask students to look at their Google maps and check if there is anything new that
is missing from the map. Is there anything from your school that is missing on the map?
6. The teacher will then allow students to start working on their maps, after the teacher makes
sure everyone is okay to continue. Does everyone understand what they are doing? Does
anyone need help?

Consolidation, practice, extension

25 mins
The teacher will walk around the classroom monitoring the room.
The teacher will help any students that need it.
The teacher will give feedback to students as they work along with mark the work.
Early Finishers- Extension Activities
Students can answer the reflection questions that will be on the board.

10 mins
For the closure, students will be asked to write a reflection at the end of the lesson. The reflection is a
sentence that needs to be finished. One thing I would like to improve upon is and What would
you change if you had the chance to do this piece over again?

Met standard 2.6 by using ICT within this lesson in order to further develop
students mathematical location and transformation skills. Students were able to
use Google maps in order to create a map of their school, including scale and a
key. This allowed students to further engage themselves into the activity and
improved their motivation as after they completed their maps they were then
allowed to find their house on Google maps. I ensured to conduct a roving
conference to make sure that students were using the technology safely.