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Lesson four : Complaining and Apologising

Hints :

Complaining - You could have---/ should have---(direct), I am afraid you’ve--- (polite),

Apologising indirectly - I’m not quite sure how to put this ---, This isn’t easy to say/explain---

Apologising directly – I’m awfully sorry ---, Please forgive me ---

Situation 1 : Your friend has lost the book he has borrowed from you.

Situation 2: Your brother is suffering from fever. The nurse has not checked his temperature.

Situation 3: Your friend has had an accident. You are talking to someone about not being able to
keep an appointment.

Situation 4: Your brother has damaged your car by crashing into a tree.

Situation 5: You complain about your friend for not keeping an appointment.

Note : Try to use as many words as possible from the vocabulary list of Lesson Three.
Comment, complain, and ask questions.

Vocabulary from lesson three :

Symptom, Frequency, Intensity, Acute, Hyperactive, Disruptive, Distracted,

Impulsive, Disoriented, Hallucination, Abrasion, Abortion, Allergen, Amnesia,
Amputation, Swallow, Atrophy, Autonomic, Autopsy, Benign, Birth defect, Bypass, Chill,
Compulsion, Concussion, Contaminated, Convulsion, Dehydration, Delirium, Delusion,
Dementia, Dermatitis, Dislocation, Dyspepsia, Dysphagia, Febrile.