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How to DO
What to do? For things to Change , You must change First. 1. You must have BIG DREAMS . - About Yourself, Your Family, Your Team, Company, and The Nation. 2.You must have POSITIVE ATTITUDE . - From It is Possible - But Difficult TO It is Difficult - But Possible. 3.You must have BELIEF . - In the Concept, Company, Your Upline Leaders, Your Associates, and YOU. 4.You must Show COMMITMENT . - Through your Words, and Actions . 5.You must take RESPONSIBILITY . - Of your Actions , Your Team . 6.You Must make LEADERS . How to do? At RMP , the business is all about networking with people .How do we network with people? 1.Prepare Prospects Name List . Write on separate pad.(not in your mind) NAME , Contact Number & Place 1.Friends & friends of friends ........ 2.Family & Relatives........ 3.Neighbors (include past & present) .... 4.Co-workers..... 5.Your own vendors or Suppliers ....

Always include new people in your Name list. More than that we have unlimited potential on internet. So we can take it into reach lac's of peoples & giving this opportunity. 2.Prioritizing the Name List. For those who one really needs to earn more money, suffering on liabilities, and wants to fulfill their dreams, etc... # Keep in mind the distance #Keep in mind the relationship held lastly with the prospect. #Keep in mind the prospect's interest towards the business opportunities ,etc. 3. Now you contact the prospects from the priority list , * First you understand the prospect completely, his work ,business ,education, family, & his dreams and speak about converting them into reality. (One to One or House meeting is best to explain ,& get the result.) *Arrange House meeting in your house or office or any place , Invite 5 to 10 prospects from your priority list at one time. *Ask specific questions towards earning capacity and the prospects desire to earn more. *You give the words to the prospects , " I am taking this business opportunity very seriously , and I believe i can full fill my entire dreams through this business opportunity . So I am inviting you all for giving this Opportunity " *Explain the prospects about the business opportunity. Open our PPS PRESENTATION(BOP) ,(You keep it in your computer ,or laptop,or pen drive ) or our site , and company site Show the Company's Achievements video clips. * You give the assurance to them " you must taking this opportunity ,we ready to help you all the way to become a successful person in this business opportunity." *Follow up regular basis, until you get the result . *Attend regular meetings , trainings ,and seminars by team or Company.

Company meetings (near ... your place.) *Do not hesitate to contact us. *+91 9289933878 , +91-9716346198 ,

Winner's Blueprint for Achievement BELIEVE while others are doubting. PLAN while others are playing. STUDY while others are sleeping. DECIDE while others are delaying. PREPARE while others are daydreaming. BEGIN while others are procrastinating. WORK while others are wishing. SAVE while others are wasting. LISTEN while others are talking. SMILE while others are frowning. Kids go where there is excitement.They stay where there is love. COMMEND while others are criticizing. PERSIST while others are quitting."
-William Arthur Ward


This is an Opportunity , which is successfully going on last 9 years in India & UAE. More than 8 million peoples are involved in this huge industry and lacs of ordinary peoples change their life into extra ordinary life style and full fill their dreams.

We the group also invites you to be a part of this huge industry, to increase your income potential and full fill your dreams.
Everyone has lot of desires and dreams. But only very few of them are taking a strong decision to achieve it. We invites such a quality personals to JOIN WITH US ....

Before we enter into the business opportunity , we just analyze our existing income source thro job, & business...

"Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune."
JOB : We as employee Our career starts from the age 21 to 60 ,during these 40 years , We Ready to work hard for a limited income potential. Due to Inflation & Cost of Living our earnings may used to run the family and make up our life . But not enough to live the life we have imagined. Our life is always going to be limited bank balance, bud jet life , under liabilities and basic commitments , etc.... . This is normal employee's life style. Then how can we able to become a Millionaire and full fill our Dreams ? .............. . Our education system also educates to be an employee not to be an entrepreneur.

Business : We think about to be a businessman or Industrialist, it needs huge investment, Knowledge and experience, lot of efforts & Time, more than that Heavy Risk.

Most of the business men are getting failures , due to affect any one from the above factors, and only few are getting much more success .

Without all these things We can start a business or industry like NETWORK MARKETING.

Own Business , No risk , No investment , No Boss , Flexible working hours, Team work,

But unfortunately in India most of the peoples are not try to understanding the power of Network Marketing Industry. In traditionally, manufacturing a product doesn't matter , marketing the products to the consumer is very difficult. That is why all the company's are spending more & more money for advertisement . But in Network marketing , Marketing the product is very simple because of TEAM WORK . " Team work divides the task and doubles the success ". You must choose the right company before joining. NETWORK MARKETING..

It's An Opportunity...! The Choice is Yours...
Alone we can do so little ; together we can do so much. – Helen keller A LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PRESENTATION One time Purchase , Life time Business Opportunity ; earn more than One Lac Rupees per week . to

" Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was."
We ready to help you all the way to become a successful person in this business opportunity. Only thing is You should take this opportunity very seriously.

Thank you very much for visiting this site. The Challenge
Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else's hands,

but not you .

"God will not give you the Dreams
without giving the Power to Achieve it ". **************************
" Coming together is a beginning

Keeping together is progress
Working together is Success " - Henry Ford.

A life Changing Opportunity
Welcome to the world of Opportunities .
Hearty welcome to be a part of Asia's No.1 Binary Network Marketing Company RMP thro SREE ASSOCIATES.

RMP - Resource Money Power RMP INFOTEC PRIVATE LIMITED , CHENNAI. , based network marketing company Started in AUGUST 2001 , by two very strong Management Mahavir metals (India) and PTR Engg Services . RMP today has 12Countrywide BranchOffices and More than 30 Franchisee & Consignee offices , supported by a dedicated work force and a professional management.The first International office in Dubai and the Second soon in Malaysia. RMP is an ISO 9000 :2008 Certified company and a member of FICCI -India, WTC -USA ,DSEI -Dubai. First Indian NWM company celebrating its 9 th year of Success and the First Indian NWM company into the International market. RMP has created more than 8 million distributors , produced 600 crorepathis and Numerous Lakhpathies, thousands of Car Achievers within the period of 8 years. RMP is the One and Only Network Marketing Company Manufacturing Crorepathies. Complete online web enabled system thro The RMP Mission "To motivate everyone to realize and recognize their inner potential and turn it into an asset for personal growth and overall success "

The RMP Vision
To Create a company that deals with everything from pin to a plane . To Market quality consumer goods and services at competitive prices . To provide lasting "Self Employment" opportunities for everyone . To make everyone in RMP into 'Lakhpatis' and 'Crorepatis' . To create "Income Opportunities" that improve economic status .

RMP stands in the first position because of its strongest 5 P's. Strong 5 P's of RMP . 1.PROMOTERS 2.PROFILE 3.PRODUCTS 4.PLAN 5.PAYOUT 3 TYPES OF INCOME 1.Binary Income - Weekly 2.Residual Income- Monthly 3.RMP Family Mart Plan Income(FMP) (E.Commerce) - Monthly Click on the image to download the PPS (BOP) Presentation. (To clearly understand save & view with patience ) YOUR ROLE AS A DISTRIBUTOR
@ Initially you buy a product at RMP & you automatically become a Rmp distributor . @You use our product. when you start loving our products,you recommend our products to your family and friends . @You sell a RMP product to someone who is interested in it and fascinated about the RMP business opportunity. @Later you, teach,train the new distributors about the Rmp system and help them follow the system to do their business.

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS AT RMP * You buy one product at RMP *You promote any Two of our products to two different distributors. *Teach & Train both the new distributors.

*Help them know and follow the business system at RMP.

" One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his Opportunity comes ".

when it

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

" Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success ".More Income on Tripod

Products List
1.RMP ENERGEX + PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH 2.RMP J.HAMPSTEAD SUITLENGTH ----------------- Rs .5690 /--------------------------Rs. 5690 /-


9.RMP HAIER 240 Ltr FRIDGE ------------------------------ Rs.16990 /10.RMP FOCE SAPHIRE WATCH +PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH ---- Rs. 8990/11.RMP SIYARAM PREMIUM SILK SAREE 2 PACK ------------ Rs. 8190 /12.RMP BIGBAZAAR VOUCHERS + PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH ---Rs.22999/13.RMP HCL LAPTOP -------------------------------------- Rs.25990 /-----------------------------RS.25990 /-


15.RMP SIYARAM'S PREMIUM SUITINGS --------------------- Rs. 6370 /16.RMP OZONE WATER PURIFIER +PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH---- Rs.6790/17.RMP SOLAR LAMP + PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH ------------- Rs. 6990 /18.RMP VACUUM CLEANER(2PCS)+PREMIUM SUIT LENGTH ---Rs. 6990/19.RMP THYROCARE --------------------------------------- Rs. 5690 /-

20.RMP FUTURE GENERALI LIFE INSURANCE------------------Rs.11000/21.RMP BAJAJ ALLIANZ LIFE INSURANCE ------------------Rs.12000/-

For more details Note: You may choose any one package from the above products list to enter the Business Opportunity . All products (except insurance packages) you should take Demand Draft only , favour of " RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD " payable at CHENNAI. For FGI insurance package DD in favour of "FGI LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LTD" payable at "CHENNAI" . For Bajaj allianz package DD in favour of "BAJAJ ALLIANZ LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LTD " payable at "BANGALORE" MORE IMPORTANT : Dear friends , Don't keep worrying about the product you buy from RMP. You buy any product - we assure that you get an Opportunity that changes your entire life, and a huge potential to become a crorepathi.

* Learn the concept clearly. *Follow the System. *Train the distributors associated with you. Follow these steps and blow life into your dreams while you earn at RMP . 1. You would like to choose any one product from the Starter kit Products List , and take DD for the respective product amount in the name of (except insurance packages) " RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD " payable at CHENNAI . 2. Now you may Register your entry thro click on the below link... (For Registration) When you update your entry you will need SPONSOR DETAILS . ( click on to get details & minimize the page , and use copy/paste for the required details.) Note some points when you upload : 1.After you update your personal info ,select your state then only products list will appear. 2. Select your product from the list. properly update the Sponsor details. (sponsor user name & Sponsor Track id , & placement ,which we have provided) or send a msg to mobile. ( +91 90039 38135 ). choose your own user name & password you would like. (just like Email id creation) 5.You update your (DD)bank Details properly. on Accept & continue registration . you will get the conformation page with all the details which you have uploaded. (once again you check, Is Everything properly ?, may even spell mistakes, check products,check sponsor user name , sponsor track id, ... if any mistakes, GO BACK.. and correct the mistakes, and retype the passwords..)

Everything is correct, Click on Confirm Registration. and click OK. (wait few seconds). Now you will get the welcome Letter page, with your User name & ,you take printout copy. Track id

On the bottom of the welcome letter, you write your Bank details (bank name, dd no, dd date.(you also note for your personal record) On the back of the DD you write your Track id. Now Attached both (welcome letter & dd) & give it to the nearest Rmp branch office or Franchisee office or Head office , collect your product immediately. *Do not hesitate to contact us. *+91 9289933878 , +91-9716346198 , in person and

Be a hero to yourself, and then to your family,later to the ones associated with you and to the society too.. This is probably the most important and exciting opportunity of your life time. so do not overlook. We wish you all success in Future and may all your Dreams come true at RMP.
Opportunity is Never lost.. Your World will Turn..

NWM Overview : Started in 1940's in USA , now more than 80 countries are involved in this huge industry. In the year 2008 global turnover in Network Marketing is 411 bn us $ industry worldwide. More than 58 million peoples are involved in this

Industry.By 2010 to 2020 Network Marketing industry will rule the global Economic and has come of new revolutionary in the forthcoming years. TRADE with TECHNOLOGY Business. What is NWM : When you buy a product from an ordinary shop, you are provided with that product alone.But when you buy the same product from NWM, you are provided with the product and an opportunity for a big business. Why do NWM: 1.To obtain financial freedom . 2. To leverage Time Freedom . 3. To fulfill our Dreams . 4. To have a better Security in life. 1.Financial freedom : INFLATION During 1920's you would have needed During 1940's you would have needed During 1960's you would have needed During 1980's you would have needed In 2000's you would have needed In 2020 ............... ................. Rs. 1 per month ; Rs. 10 per month ; Rs. 100 per month ; Rs. 1000 per month ; Rs. 10000 per month; Rs. ?????????? ;

But in 2020 ,you might need RS.1,00,000 /- per month to lead a quality life . With this rate of INFLATION ,your COST OF LIVING will also go up. Do you think that your income would grow on par with the inflation ?
This inflation rate demands you to earn more to live happily.

2.Time Freedom

- Time Turns into Money

We trade TIME to make money, but there are certain problems in this type of linear income, one generates,


Some people have TIME and Some people have MONEY ,But a very few of them are blessed with BOTH and they are FINANCIALLY FREE . But it is possible to increase time , IS IT POSSIBLE TO INCREASE TIME TO MAKE MORE MONEY ??? CAN YOU DO THIS ? OF COURSE YOU CAN , IF YOU HAVE A BIG BUSINESS. IT IS SIMPLY POSSIBLE ONLY ON NETWORK MARKETING. 3.DREAMS : Every one have dreams ( but always dreams ...... dreams only.) But in network Marketing you can achieve your dreams . 4.BETTER SECURITY : No security in jobs /nor in govt jobs, global economic meltdown , lacs of peoples loosing their jobs in IT , and other fields...globally. ( recently in Dubai )
Network Marketing today it is an Opportunity : Tomorrow it will Rule . "One ordinary person can develop only by the way of Network Marketing "

" I would rather have one percent of a hundred peoples efforts than hundred percent of my own " - Andrew Carniege. The king of steel

*Needs to have an idea , Knowledge and experience.

*No experience need . * no set work place. *Home based business *No investment ,& No Risk *No boss, flexible work hours . * High income potential *proudable tax payer. *it requires a set up to work ie., infrastructure *Needs huge investment . *Heavy Risk *Doesn't have flexible work hours. *You receive a fixed income Which one would you choose ?

Network Marketing

If it was Network Marketing , GO AHEAD..... you have made the RIGHT DECISION.

To join - Registration Thank you ! for making a strong decision to join with us .

Top 10 Myths about RMP Infotec MLM
According to the survey I’ve conducted people have astounding concept of what RMP network marketing is all about that’s why they have no second thoughts of not venturing into that field of business. Gossip has a way of spreading like an epidemic and people tend to just simply take what’s being feed to them without even asking if it’s digestible. Because people opt to listen to gossips and word of mouth, they end up leading a miserable life. Instead of digging to the truth personally and critically examine the RMP network marketing business which will help them get that dream life they are working to death for, they choose to just go with the flow even if it’s not giving them what they really want in life. Often they sacrifice the family and ended up alienating the kids for working long hours outside the home. 10 Baseless Reasons Why People Abort Their Dreams 1. RMP Network Marketing is just pyramid conspiracy Typical pyramiding business indulges, not in producing and selling products but money stealing. They aim only to enlist people and then leave them confused and duped.

Genuine companies like RMP Infotec have either products or services to sell in return for your investment. 2. Pioneer members get all the money Either you are the first member or the last, as long as the company you joined in is legal, you still earn and receive your share. It will not depend on who enlist first, but how you work in order get your target earning for the period you spent working. 3. Extrovert people are the only ones making money It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you are not outgoing and fluent that you can’t become a salesman. If you survey the field, most customers get offended with those who stalk clients and doesn’t take no for an answer. Alternatively giving up the sales man type approach and being sincere and honest would help converting them to leads. 4. House to house product selling and endorsing If you want to use the wisest selling strategy, utilize the high technology invention. Instead of abusing your feet doing house to house selling & endorsing, be in with the crowd. Save time and energy by being smart. 5. The easiest market are friends Because of your enthusiastic disposition in reaching your target earnings, you take their bait of pursuing your friends. They always say that this is the basic step in achieving your target. In earlier days lot of MLM gurus suggest this strategy to generate leads because they are easier to approach and you don’t need public relation skills to convince them. However, with the advanced technology, the market has changed its course. Since there are more people who prefer home based opportunities, your target market has broaden and easier to reach. Consumers are now money wise. They minimized miscellaneous expense when they hunt for the right products that they need. 6. Your Family is your primary clients This is a very wrong belief. Of all the prospects you have, never prioritized your family, instead approach others who may be interested in the products but doesn’t know where to acquire it. Keep in mind that your family is your second worst critics at times. The negative comments that come from our loved ones hurt the most and affects on how we perceived ourselves as a person. Marketing your family is not a good idea and often leads to defeat long before you started. It would be a waste of not only emotion, but your most precious time and effort that could have been more productive if you spent on someone who needs your product. 7. You need to put on an outrageous capital to be able to start Like any typical business, your capital is where you business life starts. But in RMP Network Marketing business, a small investment is all it takes to start. Franchising is this

kind of business doesn’t take you much overhead cost because there’s no need for employees. 8. You end up buying wholesale and retailing the product The usual company technique is to let you buy the products in quantity so you can get your commission from it. You just have to retail it in order to convert it to cash. These scheme works for those who have good merchandising skills since it yields greater profits. If one have little or no marketing talent, there is no need to despair because companies like RMP have different marketing approach. You just need to review their company guidelines and compensations. 9. Most companies are just here to day and gone tomorrow Choosing a company that existed for sometime will give you the guarantee that it will exist for more years. No genuine company would just disappear after you have invested a little money on them. Although there could be many plausible reasons why some companies closed but you can always check the company’s credibility. RMP has been in this MLM business for many years and it is backed up with an excellent binary plan which enables the distributor to earn uninterrupted income. 10. RMP is a one day millionaire scheme All business companies, whether RMP Infotec Business or other types of business, it has the same goal which is to grow into a multi million company. In this network marketing business, we aim to become a millionaire in the shortest time possible, but, the fact remains that you can never do that overnight. Your success in the business always depends on your hard work, learning ability and determination and your marketing means. There’s no wisest and safest way to know which company you should join other than conducting a thorough check and examining the companies reliability. The greatest power is Knowledge. It liberates people and lets them advance with their life.

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