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ENGINE-GEAR UNIT: 125 cx. two-stroke engine-gear unit of pleasing streamlined design. Foot. operated three-speed gear Clutch running at engine speed giving super-light operation. The Miller generator and ignition system ensures easy starting under all conditions, FRAME: Cradle type having all main tubes of chrome molybdenum alloy ste res EXHAUST SYSTEM: ser. FINISH: Lustroue Silver Grey enamel, bright parts heavily chromium plated, Attractive new’ tank transfer of modern design, FOR nesy century ROYAL ENFIELD Motor Cycles have been renowned for = their advanced design. superlative per- Bore and Stroke (mm.) .. formance and outstanding: rellabiliey, So The 1955 range of models worthily upholds Cubic Capacity (c.c.) this proud tradition and includes machines which will full che requirements of every type of rider under all conditions. ri ROYAL ENFIELD Motor Cycles are’ the product of careful research and develop ment by experts and are manufactured by skilled craftsmen by fioder precision methods in one of the world’s best-quipped motor cycle frexoriess ae ROYAL ENFELD™Mstor Cycles are dis- ‘Approx. Maximum Speed (m'pih:) tributed through atworld-wide dealer —— ——" organtegcton,. [whieh aiitens' bean ae iy: Approx. PetroltConsumption( selected to ensure exemplary after-sales = ay service and maintenance, Do not hesitate to consule your loeal ROYAL ENFIELD Dealer, who will be ory c69) pleased to Compression Ratio Petrol Tank Capacity (Imp. Gals) Weight (ibs) | “Wheelbase (inches) place the benefit of his knowledge and Saddle Heighe (inches) experience at your disposal’ in/