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waac 2010 01 30

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Published by Marco Frascari

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Published by: Marco Frascari on May 14, 2010
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The Construction of Architectural Thinking and the Emotional Thinking of Construction


Costructing Immagination
WAAC Alexandria VA 30 January 2010

Marco Frascari

Carleton University Azrieli school of architecture & Urbanism

Carlo Scarpa's Practice of Construction Drawings as an antidote to BIM and CAD misplaced aims

Before writing there was architectural construction drawing

Reconstruction of a hut

Definition (U.K.)
!   Production drawings are

defined as 'drawn (graphic) information, prepared by the design team for use by the construction team, the main purpose of which is to define the size, shape, location and construction of the building and its parts'.

No clear definition
!   An architectural drawing or

architect's drawing is a

technical drawing of a building (or building project) that falls within the definition of architecture. (usa)

Revit Architecture

The Phoenix of Production Drawings

My aim is to look for a change in the disciplinary matrix used for construction drawings

!   Architects express their hopes

and desires, their vision of society and humanity through the construction drawings.
!   In these drawings the

architects soma-sensory brain distils the real ineffable nature of architecture.
!   For these reasons I hold the

somehow curious view that architects are natural ‘neurologists.’

Architects are neurologists in nuce.
In their drawings, they conceive the making of buildings, but also they carry on investigations and assessments of architectural thinking and of the thinking within architecture

The first roots of cognitive neuroscience lie in phrenology, which was a pseudoscientific approach that claimed that behavior could be determined by the shape of the scalp. In the early 19th century, Franz Joseph Gall and J. G. Spurzheim believed that the human brain was localized into approximately 35 different sections. In his book, The Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System in General, and of the Brain in Particular, Gall claimed that a larger bump in one of these areas meant that that area of the brain was used more frequently by that person. This theory gained significant public attention, leading to the publication of phrenology journals and the creation of phrenometers, which measured the bumps on a human subject's head.

Avere il Bernoccolo del disegno To have the bump of Drawing

Construction drawings as factures

The facture of architectural drawings is not obvious as the marketing for digital architectural instruments is trying to convince architects, builders and clients. The facture does not presume what traces, lines and scores in the drawings are worldly or unworldly, existing or non-existing, physical or mental, subjective or objective.. The only thing that the facture assumes is that that which is marked, inked, penciled, brushed, chalked, and printed comes into being. Architectural drawing is, in other words, wholly based on a sapience of materialization where material lines become the carriers of fluid and invisible lines thoughts.

Facture in Italian is fattura and has roughly the same meanings as in English; however, there is an additional meaning: fattura is a highly developed form of the evil eye; it is physical making of singular objects based on the power of the invidious gaze. A fattura progresses from involuntary influences on human behavior to reach intentional making of its singular objects “deliberately prepared with a distinct ceremonial, and their power is meaningfully incredible to achieve results … and in a particularly frightening case, the fattura done to kill.”

A typical fattura made with egg and pins & a nasty fattura a muerte

Typical Italian Fatture

Hidden places of factures
Clues of factures in Architecture

The forgotten origins of production and construction drawings

One of the many noble beginnings of real construction drawings Vessalius and Rusconi both are changes of the disciplinary matrix

Why Vessalius decided to present his anatomical finding within classical masterpieces of sculpture

Giovanni Maria Rusconi anatomical constructions

13th century anatomical illustration

Joannes de Ketham .Fasciculo de medicina.Venice, 1507.


The north American architects … in an attempt to gain authority over building contractors

Architects’ Portfolios VS Contractors’ Pamphlets

Architectural Review 1918

Pencil Points Magazine: A Journal for the Drafting Room
progressive architecture 1945

Thomas Major

Architectural Graphic Standards
Wiley publishes first edition of Architectural Graphic Standards 1932 John Wiley & Sons publishes Architectural Details, a prototype for Architectural Graphic Standards 1924

Carlo Scarpa’s construction drawings

Main Beam “CastelFerro” (iron castle)

Lascare To Ease

Stairs exit

Terracotta, Stone of Prun & Prefabricated element


Carlo Scarpa’s spec writing

Change of order as annotation

Annotazione per la soluzione dell’asse centrale per causa dello errore del signor Castellani devosi far maggiori gli oneri di denaro et eziandio quelli di pensiero et labor!

Annotation per for the solution of the central axes; because of the mistake of signor Castellani the money burden must increase et also those of thought et labor!

The making of an hinge Shop drawing Scarpa’s drawings

A pregnant selection of a detail

Oblique future of construction drawings

William Farish (1759–1837)

Claude Bragdon
The Frozen Fountain (1932)

Bridge cortile Castelvecchio

Ground floor paving … RIGHT!!! macaque

box for electric conduits

A tail or final tale

Architectural Graphic Standards
Wiley publishes first edition of Architectural Graphic Standards 1932

Italian Graphic Standards or MANUALE DELL”ARCHITETTO

1940 Italian fashion

Villa LINA by Mario Ridolfi

George Herriman’s Krazy Kat

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