Condoms, Sex & Bioelectric potentials

Bio photons (The light from our body cells) & DC semiconductor potentials are said to participate in cell growth, control and communication.

Bio photons, and DC- semiconductor potentials might transmit signals via the genitals during copulation. It might play a role in positively modulating the benefits of copulation

Will the condom allow the transmission of Bio photons and DC- electric potentials?

Condom use is associated with the depression and serious mental illness
Ref: J Sex Res. 2006 May;43(2):174-81. The sexual partnerships of people with serious mental illness. Perry BL, Wright ER. PMID: 16817064

Is male ejaculates - the only reason for reduced depression and life longevity in females?

Male life longevity is also associated with increased sexual behavior! (Consequently receiving male ejaculates may not be the only reason for the life longevity)
Ref. Sex and death: are they related? Findings from the Caerphilly cohort study -- Smith et al. 315 (7123): 1641 --

Condom use might prevent the mutual exchange of consciousness, Bio photons and Bioelectric potentials!