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The Death by Dingo

Exposition on how the general loves his family so muchthis sets up how the punishment
is so bad b/c he is not with his family, this also sets up the lofty stature because he is a
general// The year is 2008, Monday October 27 and General Blake Kane is spending his last
night with his family before he ships out to his new military posting in England. Mandy, the
General's wife, sits near the crackling fire in the family's living room watching her husband hold
their son. The General gently rocks his son into a warm sleep while he does so, the General's
wife stares deep into her loving husband's eyes. Mandy knows her husband is right where he
wants to be and resents the fact that he must leave what he lives for every day his family.
Blake loves his family so much that it consumes him, it is the only true thing he cares about. He
would do anything for his family and he can hardly bear the time away from them during his
The General shipped out to England with ease and three months go by without a hitch,
then on monday morning a secret operation comes across his desk. The operation was coined
Operation Dingo, this was a hostage rescue mission for the Generals extraction unit. The
rundown of the mission is as follows, Operation Dingo: Target- Chris Hops, English national
working undercover for the Central Intelligence Agency. Taken hostage by a terrorist faction
operating out of Wembley. Hostage is imprisoned in a complex on the outskirts of town, heavily
guarded by terrorist members, Threat level : High, Enemy combatants expected firepower:
Rocket-propelled grenades, small arms, several heavy machine guns, entrenched gun nests
throughout the complex
more free choice setup, tragic flaw.The General gathered his men and advisors, they
met in the briefing room to create a POA, Plan of attack. The General's advisors suggest a plan

that would consist of two prongs, those two prongs were, a group of ten highly trained operators
who would fast-rope down outside the complex's wall and breach. Then they would move
through the defenses until they found the target while the other group provided overwatch on the
hillside with sniper rifles. This plan was popular among the men because they knew that they
could accomplish a mission without a problem due to their training. The General, being his
cocky self, thinking he was the best operator had other plans, he wanted to go in himself while
the rest of the men waited on the hillside for a signal to blow the outerwall so the General could
get the hostage out alive.
free choice here with the strategy,increased awareness The night of the raid was upon
the men, and they grudgingly began to carry out the General's plan. The general messes up and
the hostage dies. He knows he should have used his team and not been cocky
The General must live in the compound where the hostage died and he must take care of
the memorial of the lost hostage everyday and be reminded that he caused the death and it's his
fault so he must leave his family behind so he can be at the memorial, his wife and two year old
The British government is forcing this punishment on the General, their stance is that the
american government should not have used a british person without telling MI6. The US
government has chosen to abide by the british degree, the General is still in the compound today.