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Republican Party of Wichita County Position Statement on Commissioner's Court Proposal to Adopt Election Day Voting Centers for the 2016 General Election: ‘The executive committee of the Wichita County Republican Party has unanimously agreed to oppose any attempts by the Commissioner's Court to adopt election- day voting centers for the 2016 general election for the following reasons: 1. There have been no new laws in the Election Code passed by the legistature that address these centers. There are currently only “suggestions and guidelines” from the Secretary of State's office based on “how it has always been done’. In fact, the legislature has not taken up the matter of these centers at all. Since the Republican Party platform adopted May 13, 2016 opposes these “county-wide polling locations due to the heightened potential for fraud”, we fully expect that they will be addressed in the 2017 session. So, until there are laws in place, and the State of Texas, and the Republican Party are onboard with this concept, we simply do not feel itis prudent or in anyone's best interest to operate without election code in place. 2. There is absolutely no documented evidence anywhere that indicates an increase in voter turn- out directly related solely to these voting centers. Infact, approximately 25 years ago, Texas adopted early voting for the purpose of making voting easier and accessible to voters, and that has had a negligible effect on turn-out. We maintain that “who” and "what" is on the ballot is the only driving force that has been proven to get people to the polls. 3. The election officials and judges in our party who have worked these elections for several years do not feel our county is sufficiently equipped to go to this type of voting center at this time, (One example is that we do not have enough poll books, but they felt we were ill: prepared in other areas as well. We also feel it is completely unadvisable to even think of experimenting with voting centers in an election such as the November 2016 election is projected to be. With the city and schoo! board tagging along and moving their elections for the first time this year from May to November, the impact could wreak havoc! 4, Then there is the matter of asking ourselves some serious questions regarding the possible effects of such a move. We all know that when something appears to be so simple, convenient, ‘and seemingly painless, you need to take a closer look because perhaps itis not. For example, ‘we all remember C-Scope, which just a few years ago seemed like the answer to education in ‘our new “enlightened age”, and how disastrous that was when you scratched the surface and looked underneath! We worry about the slow chipping away of our grass root/neighborhood voices in government through each of our local precincts. Having just participated in our state party convention in Dallas where our party platform was honed from the voice of the people that came to Dallas from across the state of Texas in each of our local precincts and county conventions to bring a conservative voice to Texas, we stand as vanguards of those principles. ‘As many have already stated in previous meetings, this is not a partisan issue, but we see underpinnings of a Progressive agenda, and none of us need any lectures to define what that is. ‘We recognize that county wide election centers may well be on the horizon for Texas, and we also fully understand and appreciate the added layer of ease these centers would be for the public, but do not support or advocate adopting them at this time, Respectfully submitted, The Executive Committee of the Wichita County Republican Party