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Simple Announcements

Simple Announcements

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Published by Brett Sparrgrove
How to create a simple announcement in ACCESS... included directions on how to add a weblink.
How to create a simple announcement in ACCESS... included directions on how to add a weblink.

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Published by: Brett Sparrgrove on May 14, 2010
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Adding an announcement 1. Log into Access and pick the class where you want to make an announcement. 2.

Click the AUTHOR button 3. Click the ADD ANNOUNCEMENT link that is now located near the top right of the announcements window


4. Type your announcement in the text box that appears. Use the toolbar to change font sizes, font colors, create a link (instructions below), add an image and more. 5. Select the date range when you want the announcement to be displayed. This date range indicates when announcements will be viewable to students. You will always be able to see announcements (past and future) by clicking the AUTHOR button. 6. To EDIT an announcement, click the edit button. Make desired changes. Click the SAVE CHANGES button. 7. To DELETE an announcement, click the delete button, confirm the deletion. The announcement will be permanently deleted.



This will become the announcement title

Add a Link

This text is linked to a website

Text formatting tools

Use this to “embed” content

This gives you more space

Announcement will be visible during these dates

Click this button to add your announcement

Adding web links to an announcement

1. To add a link to a website, highlight a word (or words) in your announcement and click the “ADD A LINK” button. 2. A window will appear, notice there are several choices. Click the “LINK TO A WEBSITE” option and click the CONTINUE button.

3. Type in the text you want to example, the word “here” will be word “here”. Type in or paste address. For best results, copy address. Click the ADD LINK button. display, in this replaced by the in the website and paste the


4. The link will be added. To test it, click the COURSE button and try it out.


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