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Justin Adie Whats your name? Mike Adamick (Mrs Adamick’s son) What is your occupation? Heis@ fulltime dad, and a writer of craft books and newspaper articles. How did you come upon this occupation? He used to be # newspaper reporter, realized that liked to work on crafts when he had chi, ‘and decided to combine the two. Do you enjoy this occupation? ‘Oh yeah, i's really cool, He gets to stay at home, doesnt have to work at an office, and gets to slay home with his daughter (What are some of the benefits ofthis occupation? He enjoys the flexibility, being home with daughter, being alowed to do work whenever, as long as tis deadlines are met. He gets to work wth his hands on crafts and science experiments. What are some of the downsides of this occupation? Itis challenging to market his own books, the pay isn't great, and there are always looming deadlines What kind of retirement options are there? He docsn't see an actual retirement date, as it's something that he real kes to do. \What are some tips you can give to a person striving to get his occupation? Work hard and practice! Do you collaborate with other people on a regular basis? Depends on which project he is working on, where he frequently collaborates with photographer Podcasters, and editors. What is your worst experience with your occupation? Getting something wrong withthe book, after the book has already been printed. Litle mistakes are sometimes horrifying. ‘Whats your best experience with your occupation? Getting notes from kids asking him to write more. Have you had other careers before your current one? He worked as a Iifeguard, at Macy's, and as a newspaper reporter Do you intend to stay with your current career? He does, and as his daughter gets older, helllbe able to do more writing. Do you have anything else to say? It's relly easy and fun to do which makes it hard in a sense, Itcan be hard to get started, even though you really enjoy it, but once he get started, Its hard to stop. Geta job doing something that ‘you really tke, Confirmation of Interview fi to