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York University Practicum Summary Report

Teacher Candidate Name: Shannon McKinnon-Robb

Division: X P/J J/I I/S

Mentor Teacher Name: Helga Trudeau

Mentor Teacher Signature: ________________________________ Date: May 9th 2016
School John English JMS
Evaluation Period:

Board: TDSB

End of ED2 Concurrent

End of ED3 Concurrent

EDPR3000 Evaluation Year TWO Consecutive

EDPR4000 Evaluation Year TWO Consecutive

A. Creating the Environment for Learning Engagements

(Comments on: A.1. Materials, A.2. Classroom Organization, A.3. Affective Climate)

Mlle McKInnon-Robb always prepared engaging materials prior to her lessons. Her choice of resources, visual and print
based materials as well as the use of technology, were of high interest to the students and well suited for their grade level.
Mlle McKinnon-Robb took the time to know the students and considered the different ability levels of each to plan her
activities accordingly so that all would be actively participating.
Mlle McKinnon-Robb was able to learn to balance the tension between being consistent in setting behavioural expectations
for students and allowing for exceptions based on contextual factors. She created a fun, safe, and respectful environment
for the students.

B. Classroom Discourse
(Comments on: B.1.Teacher Talk, B.2. Student Talk)

Mlle McKinnon-Robb used a clear and audible voice. She used much expression and gestures to help the students better
Mlle McKinnon-Robb provided numerous opportunities for the students to express themselves verbally throughout her
lessons (through large and small group discussions or one on one). She ensured that all students were provided with a
chance to speak and she paid special attention to those students who were a little more reluctant to share their ideas.

C. Individual Learning Engagements

(Comments on: C.1. Curricular Content, C2. Initiating, C.3. Sustaining, C.4. Culminating/Closing, C.5. Assessing)

Mlle McKinnon-Robb was comfortable with the curriculum expectations she taught and her lessons were always very well
planned. She often began her lessons with an energetic tempo using the students prior knowledge to engage them into
the activity and to help them better understand the new concepts taught.
At the end of the culminating activities, Mlle McKinnon-Robb was able to identify if there were issues that emerged from
the learning engagement. She was able to grow from these experiences and determine what she could do next time to
better the learning engagement.

D. Learning Engagements within Units

(Comments on: D.1. Content)

Mlle McKinnon-Robb connected concepts from learning engagement to learning engagement. She used the students prior
knowledge to introduce new concepts or built upon known ones. Her lessons flowed logically towards the culminating tasks
and provided various instructional strategies that respected the students cultural, and social backgrounds.

E. Professionalism
(Comments on: E.1. Professional Curiosity, E.2. Professional Conduct)

Mlle McKinnon-Robb showed professionalism when dealing with the confidentiality of student information, and with
respecting our school (and classroom) code of conduct and routines.
Mlle McKinnon-Robb demonstrated interest in professional organizations and professional literature. She was always very
open to new ideas as well as exploring and experimenting with new teaching practices. Mlle McKinnon-Robb took
advantage of invitations to join us at our divisional and staff meetings. She worked in collaboration with me to assure that
her lessons would fit appropriately within the units or teaching blocks I had already started with my students.
Mlle McKinnon-Robb also put in many volunteer hours to help out with our school musical The Lion King.

Recommended Practicum Grade:

X Pass Fail