CODE OF CONDUCT, Canada-2016

Code of Conduct
Canada Intra Party Elections (ALBERTA), 2016
1. It is hereby announce to refrain from any public meetings in Alberta province for
membership drive.
2. There shall be no self-announced bodies, councils etc. From now onwards all the
communication in Alberta shall be initiated directly with Election Commission-Canada
3. NO mass emails should be sent to members in name of press releases etc. Members should
only be contacted during the allocated campaign time. All members should be asked to
visit for latest election updates.
4. All election candidates and members in the electoral process should not indulge in corrupt
activities, such as vote-buying, including threats and acts of violence.
5. Candidates will maintain the highest moral principles in keeping with democratic ethics
during the campaign, the elections, and afterwards.
6. The PTI leadership from Pakistan should not be invited to Alberta during elections period.
The organizers will be solely held responsible if any central, regional or provincial
leadership from Pakistan is invited in election related events.
7. Media appearances in Alberta should only be used for party policy projection and not for
personal projection.
8. Election promotional activities in Alberta can be sent to finance board through EC for
publication on These promotional activities may include AIMs and Objectives of
specific panels which might be sent to voters via email. Also panels can send their
manifesto via text messages to voters. But both these activities would be done via Election
commission and nobody is allowed to it by their own.
NOTE: All social media pages must not be used for any campaign, it is requested to OIC to kindly
take access of these social media pages from all coordinators.
I ___________________, contesting for the post _________________, hereby agree to co-operate
with election commission. I also agree to uphold and abide by this Code of Conduct and adhere to
the associated disciplinary procedures.
Name: ______________________________

Signature: _____________________________

CODE OF CONDUCT, Canada-2016