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Friday, August 16, 2013


Audience: ABS Global Field Staff
Proposal: 20 mins DC305 training & 10 mins Q & A, recorded, posted in GU and eBULLetin
TS Point Person: Cristian Vergara and U.S. TS Team
Location: Global Crossing Webinar
Dates: DC305 Topics for Discussion
DC305 General Concepts
September 3rd Basics: backup, absorb, general overview of DC305 concepts, guide, dropdowns vs
command line, cow card
September 16th Advanced: alter, items, item on the fly, commands, setup, monitor
September 30th Demographics and data integrity check: by RPRO, % pregnant, breed, lactation, guides
checks and DNB check, overdue
Reproductive Management
October 14th First service distribution (Egraph): overall shape, VWP definition, color coding by breeding
type, result, scatter vs. bar, re-enrollment
October 28th Pregnancy confirmation graph, graphs of cows pending vet diagnose, graph DSLH to 2 or
greater breeding, overall distribution of 1st, 2nd and 3rd breedings, graph of DIM of cows needing AI
Conception Rate (CR)
November 11th CR evaluation precautions: Explain 95% CI in table and graphs, seasonal changes, minimum
number to have 95 CI, bias evaluations example tech with lower CR because only breed TAI, others.
November 25th Basic CR evaluation A: by stud (m \m29), sire (s), month (c), technician (t) and cycle interval
(i). Use table to change time frame, option, lactation and cutoff
December 9th Basic CR evaluation B: by code (o), day of the week (w), breeding cycle (n), times breed (b)
and week (r). Introduce switches (d, y, a, etc) and review associated graphs and bar colors.
December 23rd Mixed CR: use of X switch in CR evaluations, exhaustive combination.
Pregnancy Production (PR/HDR & Hardcount)
January 6th HDR and PR by calendar: explain last cycles, time frame: default customize to evaluate
seasonality, review eligibility, differences in eligible columns, aborts calculation and cycle (CE)
January 20th HDR and PR by DIM: show effects of TAI, VWP, and survival curve with emphasis in median,
explain lag and how seasonality is hidden for this evaluation
February 3rd HDR and PR and CR in heifers: VWP possibilities, switch Y, growth tables (eplot)
February 17th Pregnancy inventory: Web calculator and graph evaluation
Miscellaneous Reproductive Evaluations
March 3rd Abortion calculations: what is considered abort in DC305 for bredsum tables (breeding
outcomes), what the abort event graphs or calculate, comparison of both, and benchmarks
March 17th Fresh table: Evaluation of Sexation, twins rate, DOA rate by month by lact for >529, and
turnover rate and early removals rate
March 31st ECON, EVENTS: Projection of herd inventory for next 9 months (7) with or w/o culling, dead
cow report and turnover rate based on events (13, 14, 15).
April 14th LISTs: basics of breeding list, open cows, pregnant cows, cows of certain sire/stud,
April 28th Open discussion, guided by audience

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