Purpose of the Training
This training resource is intended for use by trainers to show participants essential techniques needed for performance appraisal interviews by appraisers.

Objectives of the Training
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Structure the appraisal interview for success Set and agree a clear context for the appraisal interview Develop rapport quickly and stay focused on key information Fully involve the appraisee fully in the appraisal process Enhance trust and mutual support within the working relationship Provide relevant, specific and helpful feedback Deal with objections and disagreements Confront poor performance in a constructive manner Agree objectives, support mechanisms and outputs for the next quarter Develop motivation, focus and commitment within the appraisee

Techniques used during training

Role Plays

Case Study

Live action techniques

Activities conducted under the training program

Building mutual trust Making clear Plans & communicating them Criticism in straightforward, constructive manner

Performance Review Meeting Effective performance Feedback

Listening & Reacting

Beneficiary of the training program
This management training program is intended for use by trainers to enable participants to give and receive feedback to ensure the effective performance appraisal of their subordinates.

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