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Develop, implement and maintain WHS management system

Assessment task 2-Role play/ presentation

Final OHS policy

The OHS design elements first and perhaps more importantly for OHSMS it. Main OHS policy, the device is to support the development and implementation of OHSMS it.

Final risk assessment and control procedure

The risk assessment is a step in the process for managing risk. The risk assessment to decide on the qualitative and quantitative risk value associated with specific situations and threats accepted (also called Danger).

Control procedure should:

Directly related to the policy Describes the practice and application of policies relating Communicate clearly, step by step instructions you can follow easily


There are items, many spending budget could be considered. The flowing provided guidance for some items for inclusion:

Salaries OHS manager Salaries particularly important for individuals and / or members of the

Committee Health assessment and treatment consulting fees Equipment, Training and Education Information technology upgrade Promotional materials such as posters, brochures, signage \ better ergonomics, such as a chair, a computer screen, it records Advanced features such as wheelchairs Improve equipment and instruments Seminars

Strategic implementation plans

Plan implementation strategies describe how you achieve strategic goals and objectives relevant. Management plan strategies for the implementation of OHSMS government should:

Strategic objectives and priorities OHMS, goals and objectives How they will be achieved and performance monitoring It is responsible for the implementation of

OHSMS roles and responsibilities

If the roles and responsibilities for implementing the OHSMS your assignment, should be able to team members can occur. Overview of personnel and rendering you can require additional support, if required skills are not enough.

Review the institutional hierarchy or chain of command; you can get a clear picture of who is responsible for the management. Tasks and responsibilities to team members individually granting OSH should be based on:

ability qualification knowledge experience Interpersonal skills

Skills matrix

The matrix can be a simple tool, but very effective for assessing the training needs of your organization, this is an excellent guide to the suitability of persons for:

Further work Promotion (Role higher) The team / group involved Suitable for new posts created

Identifying training needs

Training required for the implementation of the OHSMS you should be based on the duties and responsibilities will be allocated to the unit and individual training needs you:

The analytical skills needed for the role of action To assess the ability of the person doing the role Identify the differences between the skills and abilities needed now

Action plan based on priority

Action plan based on priority Action plan based on implementation issues Information and activities can be

Action plan based on implementation issues

Information and activities can be followed:

Incident reports and We examine the workplace audit report The report dangerous The Risk Assessment Report Reports of training, skills and training Consultation with employees Feedback from staff Budgetary Control

Collection of information and data

Once performance indicators have been developed and agreed, you will need to establish monitoring tools needed to collect data. Information can be obtained from incident reports, forms or records of accidents in the workplace.

Documents, such as inspection and audit tools are examples of the use of assessment tools in the minutes.

You will need to consult with the use or design of monitoring tools. It is important to ensure that the funds are designed to be easy to use, the officers responsible. You might want to monitor the reviews of the form and wording of the form to ensure proper use. You must provide management support tools and provide the necessary resources to use tools such as the mouth and clip boards have any questions, test.

Information gathering tools

Data evaluation of OSH management systems may be reported as events, training records, etc. However, you may need to use tools designed to gather information to evaluate the performance of the system at the subject. You will need to determine the most effective means to gather information about the system. Some common tools are:

interview Focus groups / meetings minute Questionnaires We audit and inspection