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Principles Of Marketing

Assignment # 1

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Sir Zain
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Maria Arooj
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A leading market company who fails to adopt change with the change in
digital technology.
In 1959 first time in the history xerox introduced first plain paper
photocopier. And that was followed for decades.It became the worlds most
dominated photocopying machine. But in late 20s its reputation fall
suddenly. it was because xerox did not change itself with time.
Customers started creating digital documents instead of black and white
copies. They were looking for "Document management solution" but
company was maintaining their machines. Xerox was competing with
information technology companies like HP and IBM instead of photocopying
Xerox starts new focus on customers and their needs. What they want and
their requirements..Xerox now belief in understanding with customers..They
now offers and innovate large number of new technical and digital products
that bring great outcome in market..Recently they acquired AFFILIATED
COMPUTER SCIENCE that make Xerox great importance in business
documentation and faster growing IT process.
The xerox focus is now on customers,they believe that understanding
customers is important as understanding technology.

There are still lots of challenges that xerox is facing now but it has strong
.management that know how to make strategies in turbulent situations
As a result XEROX was no longer only a copy machine, now it was popular
and a great market share holder with its digital and technical services of
different products that were need of customers. So Xerox adopt changing
market environment as its the need of changing environment with
understanding of customers.