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Understanding Your Uniqueness

Dear Reader,
I welcome you to the month of October. I see you being outstanding in
every facet of your life this month in Jesus name!
This month, I shall be teaching on Understanding Your Uniqueness.
It is important for you to know that every thing about God is unique; He
excels in varieties. There are no two persons who are exactly alike. An
understanding of your uniqueness will help you to be a greater blessing to
This week, I want to start by sharing on the Creation Of Male And Female
Men and women are unique in their own different make-up. One star is
different from another in glory. Gods Word says: So God created man in
his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female
created he them (Genesis 1:27). God created them male and female.
It is clearly stated in the above verse of scripture that the man and woman
are unique, even from creation. That is, you are not an afterthought of
Gods creation, and this will make you get excited, happy and joyful. Dont
feel inferior about your uniqueness. If you are a man, God has a purpose
for creating you the way you are. God equally has a purpose for making
you the person you are, so get excited!
The purpose behind Gods creation of man is to receive love. Gods Word
tells us that God is love (I John 4:8, 16). From this scripture, it means that
God doesnt just give or show love, He is love. He desires to share His love
with us because love is His essential quality. Gods Word says:
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we
should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not,
because it knew him not(1 John 3:1).

When God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness (Genesis
1:26), He was saying, in essence, Let us make someone to love, and call
that creature man. God wanted man to be the object of His love, and that
is why He made man in His own image and likeness. Therefore, in the
creation of man, God drew man out of Himself, so that the essence of man
would be just like Him.
Among Gods creations, man is the only being that is like Him. That is to
say, man is so unique. Man is a spirit and spirit has no gender. The Bible
never talks about a male and female spirit, so God created the spirit-man
without gender. God refer to male and female as man.
God took the spirit man, and He placed him in two physical forms
and He called them male and female. Gods Word says: So God
created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;
male and female created he them (Genesis 1:27).
Therefore, for God to fulfill His eternal purposes, He used two physical
forms, called male and female, to express the one entity of man. When
God speaks to humanity, He uses the term man. He doesnt address male
or female unless He is talking to individuals. God deals with the man inside
us because God is a spirit, and His worshipers must worship in spirit and in
truth (John 4:24). It is important for you to know that we worship God with
our spirits, not with our gender. In Gods programme, therefore, neither is
the spirit of the husband dependent on the wife or vice versa.
The Creation Of Male Gender!
God gave the spirit-man dominion over a physical earth, He gave him a
physical body to live and to function in the world and rule over it. Gods
Word says: And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and
breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living
soul (Genesis 2:7). God formed a house from the dust of the ground and
made a house called male. Then God housed the spirit-man in the male.
Then He put the male in the Garden of Eden so that the man could rule
over what He has created (Genesis 2:8, 15).

The Creation Of Female Gender!

Furthermore, if God created man for the purpose of having a relationship of
love with Him and wants him to dominate over the world, what then
motivated God to make the female? In Genesis 2:7-17, it is clearly stated
that, at first, only the spirit-man in the male gender is ruling in the garden.
When God created the male, He could still give and receive love through
His Spirit; however, because the man now had a physical body, he also
needed someone with whom to share human and physical love. Gods
Word says: And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be
alone; I will make him an help meet for him (Genesis 2:18). From this
scripture, note that even though the male gender had communion with
God, the male gender needed love.
So, from creation, we see that God decidedly made the woman as a
complement of the man. He made her to make a difference in the life of
Adam; He created her to spice up her world. Animals were created for
mans enjoyment, and although they can give him some comfort, but they
cannot truly fulfil his need for love (Genesis 2:19-20).
Having a full understanding of your uniqueness as an individual comes by
acknowledging the One who created you who you are. You can only
effectively acknowledge the person you know and not otherwise.

Understanding Your Uniqueness (2)

Dear Reader,
I bring you Gods peace and blessings in Jesus name. Last week, I taught
on the creation of male and female genders. I remember saying an
understanding of your uniqueness will help you to be a greater blessing to

This week, I want to teach on Male And Female Differences!

Male and female were designed to exercise dominion over the earth. Even
though both of them are equal, God created them to manifest in two
different bodies and with two different natures. God made His products to
fulfill their purpose. The male and female both have dominion; each has to
execute its purpose in different manner. Gods Word says: There is one
glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the
stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory (1 Corinthians
Man and woman are both equal in the sense that they were both created in
the image of God and their differences are only functional. When God
made the woman and presented her to Adam, he said, This is now bone
of my bones In other words, Adam was saying, This person is exactly like
me in structure. Again, he said, This is now flesh of my flesh (Genesis
2:23). That is, She is exactly like me in all her physical qualities and
in all of her emotional and psychological ability.Adam saw two
differences. We are the same, we are equal, he said, adding but there
are differences.
Now, the major difference between the man and the woman is that, the
woman has a womb and can bear children. The woman is designed
primarily as a receiver, and the man is designed primarily as a giver. This
means that the woman is created to receive love.
Despite the fact we all know that differences between men and women
exist, most people have problems with this fact because they believe that
being different means being inferior or superior. You should not equate
being different to being less. I want you to know that a woman is not less
than a man because she is a woman, and a man is not less than a woman
because he is a man. Their differences, I believe, are necessary because
of their purposes.
The following are some of males mannerisms that make them different
from female:
Without respect, there can be no relationship. Without respect, I dare not
risk sharing my intimate self with you; you are not safe to me and the

beliefs and values I hold dear. Without respect, there can be no true
understanding of your uniqueness. Without respect, there can be no love.
Men hold respect in high esteem and so, for the married, they want to be
respected by their wives. They want to be reverenced and respected to the
best of your ability, after all, they are in the position as the head. This is
stated clearly in Gods Word, And the wife see that she reverence her
husband (Ephesians 5:33).
To the wives, your husband may not be refined as you are, but to maintain
peace at home, you need to respect him. Respect allows you to accept
your spouses point of view wholeheartedly, consider and value his
perspectives or suggestions. Thus, let your partner know that your respect
and value for him supersedes the specific issue you are discussing.
Men admire obedience, and especially from their wives. No man gets
excited with an argumentative wife. It is important for you to know as a
woman that your arguments can cause more trouble at home than good.
You must learn to obey your husband, because he is the head of the home.
Whatever you want to discuss with your husband, wisdom demands that
you communicate and not in arguments. Arguments must be avoided by all
means in your home, in order to enjoy peace; rather than engaging in
arguments, make use of spiritual weapons at your disposal. Never allow
any issue to degenerate into arguments, which can build up anger and
graduate to physical fight.
Good Food!
There is no man who does not like good food, no matter how spiritual he is.
Remember, the way to a mans heart is his stomach, and a hungry man is
an angry man. Man needs physical food to survive. As a woman, take out
time to study what food your husband really likes, what is good for him, and
cook it the way he likes it. When he is satisfied, his soul blesses you. If
there is any particular meal you dont know how to cook as a woman, for
instance, you should go and learn it and prepare it for him. Gods Word
says: Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things (Psalms 103:5).

Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness. Men adore cleanliness. No man

appreciates a dirty environment. Therefore, as a woman, you should learn
to keep the home and the environment clean and tidy, free of any offensive
odour per time. Your wardrobe and toilet need to be kept clean. Pay the
price of cleanliness and you will enjoy a good atmosphere.