Childrenâ s Care, Learning and Development NVQ Level 3 Unit 301 Develop and promote positive relationships K3C171

How to respond to children in a way that shows you value what they have t o say and the types of behaviour that could show that you do not value their ide as and feelings Make eye contact with the child, get down to their level, ask appropriate questi ons, let them finish what they are saying without interupting, praising the chil d, nodding, using positive body language, showing an interest, not dismissing th eir ideas, thanking them for their contribution, valuing their opinion, not rush ing the child, rewarding the child, giving child your full attention, taking the time to find out what a child means (EAL & SEN) Looking over the child's shoulder or turning away from the child, finishing the child's sentences, laughing at the child uneccesarily, dismissing the child, dis agreeing with the child, doing something else whilst the child is talking, sayin g we will talk about it later and not doing so, hurrying the child up, vaguely a greeing with the child in a condescending way because you don't understand what they mean (EAL &SEN)

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