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Garza Independence High School

December 8, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
It is with great honor and pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for a student of
mine, Abigail Abi Hammond. Abi has been enrolled at Garza Independence High School since
her sophomore year and has worked with determination on the course credits she has received.
Our curriculum at Garza Independence High School is completely self paced so that students
finish credits when they have met the curriculum requirements of each course. Abi has not only
completed curriculum at her own pace, but did so at the pre-AP and AP level and completed an
several courses at Austin Community College.
Abi was enrolled in both my pre-AP Physics and Robotics classes at Garza High School. In preAP Physics class Abi excelled at the curriculum and was able to completed the course within 6
months, which is 4 months sooner than the average student, with an A average. She is extremely
talented at problem solving and understanding Physics concepts. Although Abi finished the
course quickly, she was very encouraging to students when they were stuck on topic and
discouraged from completing the course. She took time out of her schedule to assist several
students with their struggles and helped them build problem solving skills.
In robotics class, Abi worked on a robot with several other students and is planning to go to
competition in January 2016. She took the team lead role in designing and building the base of
the robot. When Abi is present in class she is engaged and willing to learn anything. In the last
several weeks she has helped design a robot with the Arduino microcontroller that I can use in a
robotics math class next year. She is working on placing on the components on a base with
wheels, wiring the Arduino with various sensors, and program the robot.
I worked in the Aerospace Industry in mechanical design before teaching, and when Abi
expressed interest in studying mechanical engineering I was ecstatic. She is extremely bright and
wants to learn everything about engineering and computer science. Abi has taken every
opportunity to learn programming, robotics and engineering outside of the school day. She has
participated in several programs at the University of Texas Computer Science, has applied for the
ACE high school engineering programming and the STEMpreneur programming learning the
Raspberry Pi. I highly recommend Abigail Hammond as she has all the qualities a school would
want one of its graduates to possess when sending them into the workforce. Please do not
hesitate to call me for any further information I might be able to provide you.

Nicole Howard
Garza Independence High School Physics Facilitator