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In the Everglades

In the Everglades


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Published by Timothy B. Thayer
A poem about life and death in the everglades.
A poem about life and death in the everglades.

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Published by: Timothy B. Thayer on May 14, 2010
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IN THE EVERGLADES On the shore amongst scum and silt, in a swam Lies the li!eless "od# o!

a Great $lue Heron Once a great "ird o! distinction Reduced to a rotting "od# o! carrion This great "ird o! steel "lue and white Glided e!!ortlessl# o%er the trees in the "ree&e Hunted !rogs and !ish in the ond 'illing out it(s need in li!e with relati%e ease Another success that we see in nature 'ull !illing li!e(s needs and doing it well Lea%ing GOD with ride o! another success )ith one o! man# great stories to tell Author* Timoth# $+ Tha#er ,-./0.1,/,

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