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College Essay

Describe in 300-500 words the intersection of your of your faith journey with your collegiate
goals at PBA.

Murderer, thief, pedophile, who could love these criminals? Jesus. Romans 5:8
says But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for
us, God has unconditional love for all of us. Were all sinners, but he loves us more
than we can fathom. I want immensely to spread this message. I want God to work
through me, to help communicate to people the amount of love God has for us. Through
ministry classes at PBA I would learn the necessary skills to teach the Gospel to others.
Ministry is what Im meant to do because Im pulled into situations where Im
witnessing teens and kids being guided by the Holy Spirit. I saw the Holy Spirit in action
when I went to visit my brother in Memphis, he was building roofs for families. Next door
to my brothers worksite was a Vacation Bible School. These kids were only 4. This VBS
didnt seem like much, a small group of kids sitting on grass in front of a vacant house.
While Im there I hear tiny voices yell JESUS LOVES YOU! and then a manly voice
ask Why? the tiny voices responded BECAUSE HE DIED FOR US! and once again
the manly voice asked Why?, the tiny voices responded BECAUSE HE LOVES US A
LOT! These little kids, who are surrounded by poverty and violence already understand
Gods greatest sacrifice. These children accept Jesuss sacrifice and understand that he
died because he loves them. I want to teach kids like them and adults about the endless
love God has for us.

I would love to be the voice speaking to people about the love that is out there for
them. I know I cannot spread the Gospel on my own, I not only need God, but I believe I
need PBA. I believe PBA can strengthen my faith and can further my ability to heal
people with the word of God. I believe PBA can teach me how to introduce and
strengthen others relationships with God. Through ministry classes at PBA I believe I
can become closer to God and learn the necessary skills to connect with people on a
spiritual level. I believe God is guiding me to learn ministry at PBA.
Romans 5:8 shares a powerful message to all who read it. It shows that God
loves all of us even when we sin. We dont have to be perfect for God to love us. There
are people out there who need to hear this message. I want to be the one to deliver this
message to them. I want to integrate myself into peoples lives and introduce them to
God. PBA will provide me with the atmosphere where I can excel in my faith and help
others excel as well. PBA will help me change peoples lives.