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Why Fab Fun

We will be running a series of weekly fabric

and sewing workshops, in a variety of faith
and community locations, to encourage

women and girls to consider the chemistry

aspects of everyday items of clothing.

Project Tutor/Main Contact Ruth Edgcumbe 07821513257


We want to inspire women and girls from

multi ethnic backgrounds to have a greater

understanding of the effect that chemistry
has on their everyday life.

Twitter: Fab Fun@SHIEPROJECT


Clothes are

We also wish to engage with a team of

volunteer undergraduate chemistry

(potential teachers) students to pass on their

knowledge to communities in an exciting
and meaningful way.


To increase the participation of wom-

en for BME backgrounds in chemistry

related activities;

To provide a wider audience, an

increased knowledge, of chemistry

related facts;

What is Fab Fun?

We will be running a short program of

workshops (July 2015- March 2016) in a

variety of community venues across the

Birmingham/Sandwell border to encourage

women and girls to consider the chemistry.

Our Workshops

We will run a short program of workshops (July

2015- March 2016) in a variety of community
venues covering topics such as family

learning, stich and sew and many more to fit

each organisation.

various as-

The chemistry element will comprise of:-

ric design,

-Colouring fabrics with Dyes From Plant


-The effects of different chemicals (baking


reactions and their chemical properties.

To make our workshops relevant and

enticing to communities we aim to make

our fun with fabric events engaging and

fast paced involving sewing, design and

programmes, work related learning programmes

such as relevant employment training, community

schools, residents, community organisation and

istry will be themed around (in consultation

pects of fab-

We offer community education, parental education

education, mentoring and one to one support to

The Fab Fun project with a focus on Chemwith our network of student volunteers)

About CEAL

Materials by using Chromatography,

soda, vinegar, bleach) on the colour of

different fabrics,

-Determine which of three plant dyes

social enterprises from diverse communities in the

West Midlands including the Black Country

sub region.
We offer:

Leadership and Management development.

Helping to resource community based projects in schools.


to be a part of this ground breaking project.

Please feel free if you think you would like

Business Enterprise and Education

programme with young people in schools and
Enrichment programmes for young people for
after school ie homework clubs.
IAG for the voluntary sectors.

Womens capacity building programs- funded

through ESF.