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Dear Parents,

As our district works towards fully implementing the CCSS into our teaching I wanted to let
you know how I have worked to implement them into my classroom and try to explain some of the
jargon that you might hear.
The Common Core Standards raised the bar for students in math. Your child is learning
concepts earlier than before and it will make them better math students. I expect them to work their
hardest to help us accomplish the goals we will set this year. I worked this summer on the mathematics
committee to identify the benchmarks and rubrics for each grade level, so I have a fairly good idea of
the learning progression your students have been through. The standards have been set at each grade
level to inform you and the teachers what your child should be able to do at each grade level and build
on each other the next year. These standards are organized into content areas like math and language
1. Students will construct and interpret
numerical expressions. (5.OA)

I can show

I can build a numerical I can build and explain

numerical expressions.

I can build and solve

numerical expressions.

Here is a sample of something you might see on a rubric. The performance benchmark asks that
students will construct and interpret numerical expressions. 5. OA refers to 5th grade and operations
and algebraic thinking. If your child is not meeting standard they would be able to show parenthesis. If
they were partially meeting standard they could build a numerical expression. If they were mastering
the standard they could build and explain the numerical expression. If they are exceeding the standard
they would be able to build and solve numerical expressions. I will build on this knowledge they
learned in 5th grade.
3. Students will apply their
understanding of arithmetic to
algebraic expressions. (6.EE)

I can identify simple I can solve simple

algebraic expression. algebraic

I can make use of my understanding I can apply the terms of the

of arithmetic to work with algebraic properties to the algebraic

Here is a sample of what a 6th grade performance indicator might look like. 6. EE is 6th grade
expressions and equations. As you can see, the students are asked to identify a simple expression. We
then move into solving and working with algebraic expressions, so the process from K-12 is a learning
Here are the mathematical strands we will work in this year:

Expressions and Equations (EE)

The Number System (NS)

Ratios and Proportions (RP)

Geometry (G)

Statistics and Probability (SP)

Welcome Parents and Students to the Sixth Grade!

This year your child will switch from the math program they were doing in 5th grade to a combination
of the Connected Mathematics 2 Program (CMP2) and Engage NY. CMP2 encourages your student to
become a better thinker, doer, and communicator. Engage NY is a rigorous program that helps align our
mathematics program to the Common Core Standards (CCSS). Please see the next page for some
detailed information about the CCSS and how I am working to implement them into your student's
mathematics education.
Your student will have mathematics homework every night they have math class. The pink group can
expect homework every Monday and Wednesday night and have 2 nights to complete their homework.
The yellow group can expect homework every Tuesday and Thursday night. Thursday night they will
only have one night to complete their homework as they see me again on Friday.
Math Class Structure
Each student in my mathematics class will take a pre-assessment before each unit. This will inform
what your child already knows. If a student shows mastery of a topic they will be working on an
alternate assignment to challenge them instead of sitting and hearing a lesson about a skill they have
already mastered. These pre-assessments are not graded and are used only to inform my instruction to
best teach your child. My mathematics class is structured so that there is a short lesson at the start,
guided practice on the concept, independent practice, and a wrap-up. I am able to meet with small
groups/pairs/individuals during guided practice and independent practice time and do my best to reach
all students each day. Homework is necessary for students to practice the concepts we are working with
in class. Each student has a math binder that contains notes that will be useful if they get stuck on their
homework at night. I am available most every morning at 7:30 if any student needs help and during
study hall.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Sebasticook Valley Middle School 3684592 ext. 4114. I am unable to check my voicemail, so please if you are unable to reach me by phone
try again. Email is the easiest way for me to communicate with parents as I can check it a couple of
times a day. My email is

I look forward to a great year!

Mrs. Nancy LeBlanc

Sixth Grade Math and Science