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Computing Essentials:
1. Which step is part of the computing cycle?
a. Data
b. Import
c. Output
d. Software
2. Which term describes the collection of physical equipment within a computer system?
a. User
b. Data
c. Software
d. Hardware
3. Which of the following is an input device?
a. Monitor
b. Projector
c. Speakers
d. Keyboard
4. Which of the following is an output device?
a. Mouse
b. Monitor
c. Keyboard
d. Microphone
5. Which of the following is a storage device?
a. Monitor
b. Scanner
c. Speakers
d. Flash drive
6. Identify the most common type of connector for a keyboard and mouse.
a. USB
b. VGA
c. RJ-45
d. DB-25

Internet Safety
7. Which term describes a set of rules for appropriate behavior while on the Internet?
a. Identity
b. Netiquette
c. Cybersecurity
d. Social network


8. If you are leaving traces of personal information about yourself online, available for anyone to
obtain, then you are damaging your:
a. grades.
b. friendships.
c. gaming record.
d. digital footprint.
9. One of the most popular online activities and one that poses the greatest risk to your privacy
a. online gaming.
b. watching movies.
c. social networking.
d. checking e-mail messages
10. What is cyberbullying?
a. A person who is ignoring people he doesn't like
b. A bully who is embarrassing people during gym class
c. Any online behavior that embarrasses or hurts feelings
d. A school website that allows posting of cruel messages
11. While walking toward the gym, Emma noticed a group of girls laughing and making hurtful
remarks to the new girl. Emma didnt want to be known as a tattletale, so she walked away
without taking any action. Which term best describes Emma?
a. Friend
b. Bystander
c. Upstander
d. Cyberbully
12. Which term means sending or receiving nude or sexually explicit photographs or messages via
text messaging?
a. Sexting
b. Phone sex
c. Harassment
d. Cyberbullying
13. What is the worst consequence that can happen to someone who is sexting?
a. They can be charged with the crime of child pornography.
b. Everyone will know what they look like naked.
c. People will lose respect for them.
d. They can catch a disease.
14. Which of the following is a threat that you need to beware of when gaming online?
a. Humiliation of losing the game
b. No learning opportunities
c. No social interaction
d. Online predators


15. Which of the following protects the original work a person has created and requires others to
obtain permission if they want to use it?
a. Fair use
b. Password
c. Copyright
d. Plagiarism
16. Which of the following is considered fair use of copyrighted material?
a. Using 100% of the lyrics of a copyrighted song in your video
b. Commenting about a music video on a social networking site
c. Reworking small parts of an original song to use it for a school project
d. Downloading a song from the Internet and making copies for your family
17. Creative Commons is a set of licenses that automatically give you _____________ to do various
things with other people's creations, such as reuse and distribute them.
a. permission
b. passwords
c. ownership
d. software
18. You can use other people's copyrighted materials if you:
a. obtain a copy from your school library.
b. are able to copy and paste it from the Internet.
c. download the content from the Internet for free.
d. pay a fee, obtain permission, or follow Fair Use guidelines
19. Which term means copying someone elses work and claiming it is your own?
a. Fair use
b. Plagiarism
c. Homework
d. Creative Commons
20. File sharing and downloading music without paying for it is:
a. illegal.
b. ethical.
c. fair use.
d. plagiarism
21. Sam created a video documentary about his life for a school project. He used 30 seconds of a
copyrighted pop song for the introduction to his video. This is legal under:
a. fair use.
b. school policy.
c. copyright law.
d. public domain
22. When visiting a website, you notice a lock icon in the lower-right corner of the browser window.
What does the lock represent?
a. A link to open another site
b. A webpage that has a secure connection
c. A program that prevents you from leaving the page
d. A warning that you are not allowed to view this webpage


23. Which term describes a self-replicating program that damages the normal operation of a
a. Worm
b. Phishing
c. Virus
d. Plagiarism
24. Viruses, worms and trojans are common security threats that are often used in spreading:
a. scams.
b. malware.
c. downloads.
d. passwords.
25. You are creating a new online account. What piece of information that you supply should be
strong and hard to break?
a. A password
b. A user name
c. An e-mail address
d. A picture of yourself

Web Research
26. ___________ protects the creator of an original work.
a. Fair use
b. Copyright
c. Plagiarism
d. Public domain
27. What is the public domain?
a. Copyrighted works that are posted on the Internet
b. Copyrighted works that are printed in publicly available books
c. Works that are not restricted by copyright and do not require a license or fee to use
d. Copyrighted works that can be copied on a limited basis for educational and research
28. What is copyright infringement?
a. Obtaining permission from a copyright owner to use his or her work
b. Using copyrighted works without the copyright owner's permission
c. Paying the author a fee to use his or her copyrighted works
d. Citing copyrighted material in a bibliography
29. Copyrighted material can be used if you:
a. include a reference to the author.
b. do not see a copyright symbol.
c. are using the material for a school assignment.
d. pay a fee, obtain permission or follow Fair Use guidelines.


30. Boolean operators are used with ________ in a search engine to refine a search.
a. symbols
b. keywords
c. an image
d. a password

Web Design
31. Consider the following web address: Which portion of the web
address indicates the top-level domain?
a. mywebsite
b. http
c. .com
d. www
32. What are the three most common website structures?
a. Linear, vertical, hierarchical
b. Horizontal, vertical, random
c. Hierarchical, linear, random
d. Random, hierarchal, horizontal
33. What is the term for a sketch displaying the skeletal blueprint of a webpage structure?
a. Wireframe
b. Mind map
c. Card sort
d. Site map
34. The term ________________ defines a technique for transferring data so that it can be
processed as a steady and continuous flow.
a. rendering
b. upload
c. bandwidth
d. streaming
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Best for photographs and print; small file size and
lossy compression; does not support transparency or animation.
GIF (Graphics Interchange Format Best for electronic display of line art, logos, shapes and
illustrations; larger file size and lossless compression; supports transparency and compression.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Best for electronic display of line art, logos and
photographs; larger file size than JPEG but smaller than GIF; lossless compression; does not
support animation but does support transparency
35. Which preserves all of the files original data?
a. Lossy
b. Lossless


36. Which of the following is a program used to display web pages?
a. Web Browser
b. Web Page
c. Search Engine
37. With a Boolean search, the search engine will search the terms in the ____________ first.
a. Parenthesis
b. Apostrophe
c. Circle
d. Quotation Marks
38. What are three Boolean operators used for advanced searching?
a. And, Or, Not
b. And, Is, Not
c. Not, Keyword, Or
d. Keyword, Phrases, Questions
39. What is the term for the amount of data that can be transmitted over a network in a given
amount of time?
a. rendering
b. upload
c. bandwidth
d. streaming
40. Which of the following is not a secure protocol?
b. FTP
41. FTP is a _________ that allow files to be exchanged between local computers and Internet
a. protocol
b. domain
c. host
d. server

42. Which effect is added to text and objects so they will be revealed or appear and disappear on
the slide when you click the mouse button?
a. Animation
b. Transition
c. Link
d. Theme
43. What is the name of the effect that controls how each slide replaces the previous one?
a. Animation
b. Transition
c. Link
d. Theme


Microsoft Word
44. Visual representations of objects such as a circle or triangle are known as:
a. word processors.
b. pictures or images.
c. documents or files.
d. shapes or graphics.
45. Which layout option will make the text flow around the image?
a. Inline
b. Wrap Text
c. Break Text
d. Position Text
46. When you create a shape, additional _________ options will become available when you select
that shape in your document.
a. layout
b. saving
c. editing
d. formatting
47. In most word-processing programs, what should you select in order to add a table to a
a. File | Print
b. Insert | Table
c. Format | Lists
d. View | Print Layout
48. Which table element runs vertically (up and down)?
a. Property
b. Column
c. Row
d. Cell

Microsoft Excel
49. Which of the following is an example of a cell reference?
a. Column C
b. =SUM
c. Row 1
d. A5
50. Which format would be recommended for a cell that contained the data 1/24/2015?
a. Time
b. Date
c. Number
d. Currency


51. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponentiation are examples of what?
a. Formulas
b. Conditional formatting
c. Functions
d. Spreadsheet data

SUM: The SUM function adds all of the values of the selected cells in the argument.
This function is useful for quickly adding values in a range of cells.

AVERAGE: The AVERAGE function will find the average of the values included in the
argument. It calculates the sum of the cells and then divides the sum by the number
of cells in the argument.

COUNT: Using the COUNT function will display the number of cells that have been
included in the argument. This function is useful for quickly counting items on the

MAX: The MAX function displays the highest cell value included in the argument.

MIN: The MIN function displays the lowest cell value included in the argument.

Websites are categorized using which portion of the web address?

a. Subdomain
b. Protocol
c. Domain name
d. Top-level domain

Which of the following is not a component of aesthetic web design?

a. Domain name
b. Layout
c. Typography
d. Graphics


The ________________ protocol is a set of rules for exchanging files such as text, graphics, sound, video
and other multimedia files on the Web.
a. IP
c. TCP
d. FTP