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Opening Remarks by Dave Northway

On July 18, 2014, at approximately 11:00am, the Tallahassee Police Department was called
to 2116 Trescott Drive for a reported shooting. When TPD officers arrived, Daniel Markel
was found with an apparent gunshot wound to the head.
The first responders who were called to the home attempted to provide live saving measures
and Mr. Markel was rushed to a local hospital, where sadly he succumbed to his injuries.
Patrol officers on scene immediately secured the home and the case was assigned to TPD's
Violent Crimes Unit for a full investigation. Over the next several days and weeks, all of
the evidence collected on scene was processed and all identified witnesses were
A neighborhood canvas was conducted, with officers going door to door in an attempt to
locate anyone who may have heard or seen anything suspicious. A hotline was established
with hundreds of leads being provided by members of the community, each one being
assigned to an investigator and thoroughly vetted.
A suspect vehicle was identified and we reached out to our media partners in an effort to
locate anyone with information about it. A $100,000 reward was established in the hopes a
witness would come forward.
As the case moved forward, TPD reached out to numerous investigators from several State
and Federal agencies bringing in valuable resources and assets. These agencies assisted
with the case over the next several months as all efforts were made to determine who was
responsible for the homicide of Mr. Markel.
I would like to now ask Chief Michael J. DeLeo to step to the podium.

Chief DeLeos Speaking Points

First, I would like to welcome you to TPD, Thank you for all being here today and for helping
us update the community. The medias assistance in providing information and soliciting tips
has been crucial to this investigation.
Losing your family member is a horror none of us should have to endure. My heart and
prayers are with the Markel family as they continue to grieve for their loss. My only hope is
that today's information will offer some solace to the family and, in some small way, help
them to heal.
The murder of Professor Markel struck a deep chord within this community that resonated
around the country. I hope that as this investigation continues to progress, it reassures the
community of TPDs unwavering commitment to their safety and bringing those who violate
our laws to justice.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention all of the perseverance and unwavering dedication of our
investigators. I cannot thank them enough for the countless hours that went into this
investigation. Without our team here at TPD, we would never have been able to bring a
resolution in this case.
One of the most important pieces of this puzzle has been the overwhelming support and
assistance we received from the FBI. They have been assisting us from the beginning and
have shown a steadfast dedication to solving this case. I would like to personally and publicly
thank them today.
I would also like to thank the State Attorney's Office, who began working with us early on in
the investigation. We will continue to work closely with the State Attorneys Office to ensure
that the case is brought to a successful resolution.
We have arrested Sigfredo Garcia for the murder of Professor Dan Markel. The State attorney
approved a probable cause affidavit for him yesterday evening and TPD obtained an arrest
warrant. Mr. Garcia was located by the Hallandale Beach Police Department and taken into
custody. He is currently housed at the Broward County Jail awaiting extradition back to Leon
This is still an active criminal investigation. In order not jeopardize this on-going
investigation, the probable cause in this case has been sealed by Judge Sjostrom. This will

limit the information that we can provide to you today. I would ask your patience as we
continue to move forward the investigation. Once the case has reached its conclusion, we will
release all documents in accordance with State Law.
Thank you for being here today.