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HARD TO SAY I’M SORRY Words and Music by PETER CETERA and DAVID FOSTER, Moderately = 72 poco ratt, | a tempo 1, Ev-‘ry-bod-y needs a it~ letime a way,— [heard her from each 2 z etn -ven lov-ers need a hol - i - day, ard To Say Vm Seery 5-1 cin B ct Flor a-way_ from each _ » Ae cin tes nas tn SES En - & hard for me ic say I'm sor ~ry. [just want you to stay— sok won ot HEE AF -ter all that we've heen through, — # acd Be pict Bg Sn bit ta Bc a8 To Coda e ree And_af=_ter all that's heen said___ and done, you're just__ { Mad To Sey PmSonry “5.2 cin, Cim/B FRIAR Des — the part. of me_ I can't___ let 2.Could-n'tsiand to be kept a - way,— just for the day, ‘Would - n'twan - na be swept a - way, a B tm, 8 cto a —+ a Ward To Say Ym Sorry 5-3 10 EB, BOA EIDE tm Fin pus + me to say I'm sor- ry. 1 just want you to know... I Fo eat dy ata 5 2 real-ly want to tell you ['m sox = ry. oss DS. al Codz Che evat Ell chm Pion Coda Toould nev-or let you go. — the part. of me_ 1 can't. let eg t ¢. cig peg DE BIDE Hes (BSH ets all that we've been through, Twill make it up acd To Say Yim Sony “5-4 ey rm> gcd 2 T a3 Be aD cfs og ove opt Dk nD ack ia t E (Guitar solo) g > s, eg (Guitar soto ends) bm EMD ich AMC pug HE: "a ard -T0 Say im Sey “8-5 ore Dye a wit You're gon-na bo. the luck=