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Freedom of speech has been around since our founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights,

freedom of speech being the first bill they came up with. Being that fact, we know that it is old,
and it may be time to look back at it and see if some changes needed to be added to the first
amendment to fit the world we live in today. There should be limits on freedom of speech in
America because people have been using it inappropriately, people have been using the first
amendment to try deliberately offend someone, and it has granted some people the right to insult
that group.

On the debate whether or not freedom of speech should be limited, it should because
people have been using it inappropriately. The event in Paris all led to dozens of people being
gunned down in a tragic event. This all occurred because Pariss actions have raised questions of
cartoonists who deliberately insults Muslim religion when their cartoons are undoubtedly to
antagonize Muslims at a time when anti-Muslim feelings are at the boiling point (2015, New
York Times). Moreover, also the The Express tribune(2015 Pakistan) says they believe freedom
of speech should not be used to antagonize or be used to hurt any group of people or religion.
This shows that Paris has been terrorized because they did not use freedom of speech correctly,
this could also happen to the U.S because America has no limits on the First Amendment.
Moreover, also, based on what they Express wrote I agree that when using one's voice should not
attack a specific religion because there could be serious consequences.

Secondly, freedom of speech should have limits because there have been people who
have been using their First Amendment to try deliberately to offend someone or group. When it
comes to race, there is no argument that there are racist people in the world and racial conflict
does not seem to be dying out. In a Texas schools, Confederate flags have been banned because

there was an incident where an all black boys volleyball team was visiting for a game and a
student shoved a Confederate flag in the teams face (Nelson 2015). Moreover, a Confederate flag
was hung on a flagpole on Martin Luther King day and a white student simulated a lynching of a
black student causing a major incident.(Nelson 2015). This shows that because people are racist,
and they have freedom of speech, they feel like it is ok to show how they feel towards African
Americans. This is why the First Amendment should also have limits because people are using it
to intentionally offend people of a different color.

Lastly, freedom of speech has given the right to a group of modern day Nazis that was
originated out of the Nazi party and is now a global phenomenon; Neo-Nazism follows the same
elements as the original Nazi Party. They have hatred towards everyone that is different to them,
and they have an admiration for Hitler. In 1977, the Nazis marched in uniform through Skokie
Illinois. Kubey (1977) said that since when is killing six million people considered free speech,
the Nazi party is more interested in spreading hatred and marching in an area that has a heavy
Jewish Holocaust survivor population. Kubey (1977) also writes that letting the Nazi group
march is is basically letting them push aside the very fine traditions of our country. So this shows
that the Neo Nazi party is not only insulting the jewish people, but they are also disrespecting
America and all the lives lost in World War two.

There are people who disagree that freedom of speech should not be limited. If freedom
of speech is limited the government could use it unpredictably. Wizner (PBS) writes that the
government will be in more favor in publishing or allowing something to go out in the public
only if it does not make them look bad. So if the government does limit freedom of speech, there

could be consequences and the public may not hear what they want to hear but what the
government wants them to hear.

In conclusion the United States of America should limit freedom of speech because
people have been using it inappropriately, people have been using the first amendment to try
deliberately to offend someone, and it has granted some people the right to insult America and its
citizens. Moreover, also there are people who think freedom of speech should not have any limits
because it could give the government could use it unpredictably.

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