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Sarah McCreery
1030 Broughman Lane
Montvale, Virginia 24122
(540) 798-8639 (cell)
OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full time teaching position (preK-6) and possibly a softball coaching
Bachelor of Science, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia, May 2016
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (preK-6)
GPA: 3.65
CPR/AED/First Aid
Colligate Professional Endorsement for preK-6 completed in May 2016
Developmental Psychology, Instructional Strategies, Classroom Management in the
Instructional Context, Reading and Language Acquisition I, Reading and language
Acquisition II Methods: Language Arts & Social Studies, Methods: Science & Math,
Childrens Literature, School Math, Collaborations in Special Education
Student Teacher, First Grade, Bedford Primary Elementary School, Bedford, VA,
Spring 2016
Developed lesson plans and taught all subjects in line with the first grade SOLs
Observed and assisted the cooperating teacher during lessons and throughout the
Taught in an inclusion class
Graded assignments and kept an up-to-date data tracker
Used the online gradebook
Attended faculty and grade level meetings
Student Teacher, Fourth Grade, Huddleston Elementary School, Huddleston VA,
Spring 2016
Observed and assisted the cooperating teacher during lessons and throughout the
Prepared Math, History and Reading lesson plans for full time teaching
Taught Math and History full time to both fourth grade classes
Taught the high reading group a novel for two weeks
Attended faculty and grade level meetings.
Graded assessments across all subject fields
Field III Teacher Assistant, First Grade, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School,
Forest, VA, Spring 2015

Observed and assisted cooperating teacher during Language Arts three times a
Prepared small group lessons targeting specific skills that met the SOLs
Prepared whole group Language Arts lessons
Worked with small groups on seatwork activities while cooperating teacher was
leading reading groups
Field II Tutor, Book Buddies First Grade, R.S. Payne Elementary School,
Lynchburg, VA, Spring 2014
Tutored a first grade student twice a week to improve reading skills
Prepared lessons specifically for the student and the students needs
Prepared interactive hands-on lessons to improve vocabulary skills
Read with the student every day to increase reading skills
Pals Assessment in the beginning and end of tutoring period
Teachers for Tomorrow, Kindergarten, Montvale Elementary School, Montvale
Virginia, Fall 2011-Spring 2012
This course was the equivalent to Field I and Introduction to Education
Observed and assisted cooperating teacher three times a week for an entire school
Planned lessons and worked with reading groups every day
One-on-one tutoring for students that needed remediation or had been absent
Went on class field trips
Taught at least two whole group lessons
Updated student files at the end of the year
Waitress, Lil Cuccis Pizzeria, Forest, Virginia, 2012-2015
Microsoft Word
Google Docs
Microsoft Excel
Interactive Achievement
Microsoft PowerPoint
Power Teacher
Member of Kappa Delta Pi- Education Honor Society
Deans List
Kappa Delta Sorority
Available upon request

Accelerated Reader
Smart Board
Class Dojo