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Cameron Reuss
Mrs. Pettay
English 112 3A
25 March 2016
A Blunt Argument
Many argue whether or not medical marijuana should be an option across the country.
Medical marijuana has been a topic of heated debate for many years. Many of the people making
these arguments have been profiled into two different groups. One group is seen as a group of
young hippies while the other is looked at as close-minded adults. Though these groups seem
like polar opposites they have some surprising similarities that could bring them together.
A main argument against the legalization of medical marijuana is that it has side effects.
Studies have shown use of marijuana raises blood pressure and heart rate. Another argument is
that marijuana doesnt show as great of results as the other drugs currently on the market.
Though there have been recent studies that show marijuana damages the brain, heart, lungs, and
immune system it has also proven to help with many diseases. It (marijuana) impairs learning
and interferes with memory, perception, and judgment John Walters, Director, Office of
National Drug Control Policy, points out. The real problem that these people want to deal with is
the recreational use of harder drugs.
Personally I think that the use of marijuana for medical applications is a great idea. Not
only has it been proven to help with glaucoma but it also helps with the symptoms of cancer. For
the minimal side effects I believe the use of medical marijuana is an appropriate substitute for

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many of the drugs currently on the market. Lester Grinspoon, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School, states that Although cannabis has been smoked widely in Western
countries for more than four decades, there have been no reported cases of lung cancer or
emphysema attributed to marijuana. Also, monetizing medical marijuana will really help bring
money into the economy.
The real problem between these two groups is that they do not want to see use of medical
marijuana lead to use of harder drugs. This should be and can be a common goal for these
groups. Though these groups look at each other as enemies they have more in common than they
would like to admit.Both people for and against the legalization of medical marijuana do not
want to see the drug fall into the wrong hands and lead to it ruining the lives of people that just
needed some medical attention.
No one wants to see an increase in the use of hard drugs in America. If these groups share
the common goal of fighting the making, distributing, and use of hard drugs in America then they
could have a great impact on the country's health. I believe this a goal everyone would be able to
easily stand behind and together these groups could make a huge beneficial change. The war on
drugs is a cause that all people should share but let us remember marijuana is not a drug it is just
a plant.

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Reuss 2
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