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Posts from May 1- May 9, 2010
Posts from May 1- May 9, 2010

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Watcher's Lamp

Monitoring spiritual deception and world events from a Biblical perspective.
SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010

Pope To Visit Fatima
PORTUGAL 11-14 May 2010 Pope Benedict XVI visits Fatima shrine Pope Benedict XVI holds open air masses for capacity crowds in Lisbon and Porto, and visits the Marian shrine of Fatima to celebrate the anniversary of the day in 1917 when the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to three shepherd children there. While in Portugal he could announce plans to canonize Sister Lucia dos Santos, one of the three children, who died in 2005 at the age of 97. He could scold the Socialist government for legalizing abortion and gay marriage. On the 13th of each month from May to Oct 1917, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to Lúcia,10, and to her cousins Jacinta, 7, and Francisco Marto, 9, in the fields outside the village of Aljustrel near Fatima. Jacinta and Francisco died in 1919, victims of the Spanish flu. All three have been beatified, the first step to sainthood.

7.4 Mag Quake Rocks Indonesia
Associated Press JAKARTA, Indonesia—An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.4 rattled Indonesia's North Sumatra province Sunday, prompting a brief local tsunami watch, knocking out power and damaging some homes, officials said.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the afternoon quake hit 135 miles southeast of Banda Aceh at a depth of 38 miles. Indonesia and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu issued a tsunami watch for the area, but both canceled their warnings less than 90 minutes later. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center watch said there was no threat of a widespread tsunami, but "there is the possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than a hundred kilometers from the earthquake epicenter." Fauzi, chief of Indonesia's meteorology agency, said the closest town to the epicenter was Meulaboh, where a small "tsunami wave" just 7.9 inches high was detected by a buoy off the coast. Fauzi, who like many Indonesians uses only one name, said the official tsunami watch had been canceled.

FRIDAY, MAY 7, 2010

Five Quakes Off The Coast Oregon In Less Than 2 Hours

MAG 4.3 2010/05/07 19:03:32 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON MAG 3.9 2010/05/07 18:48:36 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON MAG 3.9 2010/05/07 18:43:11 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON MAG 3.8 2010/05/07 18:41:58 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON MAG 5.1 2010/05/07 17:46:17 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON MAG 4.5 2010/05/06 23:12:33 VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION

Progressive Christians Funded by Pro Abortion, Pro GLBT, Pro Radical Tides Center
In this piece, Big Tent Christianity Funded By Pro Abortion, Pro LBGT Ford

Foundation, we see Brian McLaren's latest campaign funded by the radically left Ford
Foundation. Now, another "progressive" Christian group is underwritten by a radically left organization. In his post, RICHARD ROHR AND THE EMERGING CHURCH

AS THE THIRD WAY Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries writes: "Slowly but surely we’re noticing that more and more progressive Christians, as well as their organizations, are also taking notice as well of the new big tent progressive Christian theology that McLaren’s such a seer of. Take for example something called The Beatitudes Society: Strengthening the Progression Christian Network for justice, compassion, and peace (TBS) of a “Rev.” Anne Sutherland Howard, which gives us the typical progressive/liberal party line..." The Beatitude Society is a project of the Tides Center. From the Tides center

Project Description:

Today in America, the widespread perception of Christianity -- one centered in nationalism, materialism and intolerance -- bears little resemblance to the life and teachings of Jesus, particularly as they concern justice, compassion, and peacemaking. To counter that, The Beatitudes Society develops and sustains a national network of emerging Christian leaders who: Advocate for justice, compassion and peace; Reclaim a Christianity that welcomes all people, especially those at the margins; Articulate a Christianity that dares to speak and act for our fragile planet and our most vulnerable citizens. The Tides Center and The Tides Foundation have given millions to pro-abortion
groups, pro-homosexual ( GLBT ) groups and radical environmental groups.

(How about social justice for the most vulnerable citizens...the 50,000,000+ aborted / murdered babies in America?)
Wade Rathke, the Chair of the Center’s board of directors is also a member of the Tides Foundation board. Rathke is veteran leftwing activist, is the founder and chief organizer of ACORN—the Association of Community Organizations for Reform

Now—one of the nation’s largest and most active left-wing pressure groups.
The Tides Foundation has also received grants from the radical left Ford Foundation. The Tides Foundation has made grants to grants to the Ruckus Society, which trained the rioters who tore up Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization conference. Ruckus director John Sellers makes no apologies for violence:

“I make a distinction between violence and destruction of property. Violence to me is against living things. But inanimate objects? I think you

can be destructive, you can use vandalism strategically. It may be violence under the law, but I just don’t think it’s violence.” (Mother Jones, September/October 2000)
Do Progressive Christians have a conscience? Taking money from the same hands that fund the murder of unborn babies and yet claim to articulate a Christianity that dares to speak and act for our most vulnerable citizens? Really? Is it even moral to accept money from organizations like the Ford Foundation and the Tides Center?

Watch Glen Beck connect the Tides Center dots.

Pastors Driving The Gospel Out On Purpose
"At first I imagined that no pastor would be so hard-hearted as to tell Christians who hunger for the pure milk of the Word that he would not give it. But I was wrong. When these people ask for gospel preaching and Bible teaching they are usually told that they should find another church. These pastors are so deluded by their man-made “vision” that they rebel against the vision God gave to all churches in the Bible." Pastor Bob DeWaay examines the Purpose Driven church growth methodology in HOW THE CHURCH GROWTH MOVEMENT DRIVES THE GOSPEL OUT OF CHURCHES. Dan Southerland wrote Transitioning, a book based on the idea that a pastor must obtain a special vision he must apply to his local church.1 With the goal of taking a Bible church and turning it into a Purpose Driven one, he lays out seven steps to implement vision in the local church:preparing

for vision, defining the vision, planting the vision, sharing the vision, implementing the vision, dealing with opposition, and making course corrections.2 The vision, for Southerland, is “doing church for the unchurched.”3 Here’s the problem: If you start with a faulty premise, you will end in error. Southerland believes that the church does not exist for the saints, but rather for the “unchurched” (his euphemism for sinners) in a target community. His vision is to make the church a place where those in the grips of the surrounding pagan culture would be comfortable comfortable going—an idea he got from Rick Warren, who wrote the foreword to his book. If that is not God’s intention for the church—if indeed it is a faulty premise—then Southerland’s process is in error no matter how successful he is in filling the building. ...The problem is that those who imagine what God is doing base their subsequent actions on their own premises. For example, Southerland’s premise is that any large, growing church is what God is doing, without reference to their doctrines. I heard him speak glowingly of Paul Yonggi Cho’s church as a prime example to follow. Yet Cho is heretical.8 How does one find out what God is doing by observing heretics? ...Here’s the problem: the Purpose Driven program, devised by Rick Warren, was founded on Peter Drucker’s business model and is not revealed in the Bible. Also, the need to find a specific vision that may not apply to other churches pushes people into mysticism in order to find some “will of God” beyond Scripture. That violates the principle of sola scriptura. Equivocation with regard to vision is a slippery slope. ...For years this reality was understood by evangelical pastors. They preached the gospel faithfully, and whoever responded became part of the church. Southerland admits that his critics accused him of not preaching the gospel.12 To have a Purpose Driven church, the gospel has to be

veiled or watered down in order to avoid offending the target audience. ...I do not exaggerate when I say that since I first wrote an article about this in 2004, I have heard from hundreds of people who were pushed out of their churches by the Purpose Driven program. Some of the stories reveal hardhearted pastors who care more about advancing their careers than the well being of the Lord’s flock. ...In 2010 I am still getting calls and emails from people whose churches have become Purpose Driven, and they are being marginalized or pushed out of them. Southerland’s book and his seminars label such persons as “resisters” who have placed themselves in opposition to God’s vision for the church. ...He likens them to Sanballat (an opponent of Nehemiah) who like them, was a “leader from hell.”14 Having met more of these people than I can recall, I have yet to meet one with hellish ideas. Southerland’s terminology abuses faithful saints who want the Bible to be faithfully preached from the pulpit. In his seminar he calls them “mean and ornery.” In his book he calls pastors like me (traditional pastors) who criticize Purpose Driven, the “meaner ones.”15 Could it be that we value gospel preaching and Bible teaching? Does that make us “mean”? In the six years since I first wrote about this, I have always given the same advice to those who write, e-mail, or call. I tell them to go to their pastor and plead with him to clearly preach the gospel, and purely teach the Bible. Tell him that you long for such preaching and teaching. What is astounding is that nearly universally they are rebuffed. See related article, Signs of A Purpose Driven Transition In Your Church


Stand Against The Flood of Apostasy

YOUR ASSISTANCE IS APPRECIATED For the benefit of our many new readers, as it says in our About section Apprising Ministries is an online apologetics and discernment ministry extending as a fully integrated auxiliary from Connecticut River Baptist Church (SBC), where I serve as pastor-teacher. And even though this local church is affiliated with the SBC, AM itself is designed as a nondenominational outreach. God has seen fit to steadily increase the exposure and readership greatly in the 5+ years now that AM has been online. We remain so very thankful for the handful of faithful financial supporters, some of whom have been with us from the beginning, who’ve made it possible for me to be here. However, they cannot carry the load alone and we do pray that some of our newer readers will also be willing to help as well. The fact is I have no staff to assist me with research, writing, answering email questions, etc. and as it stands right now AM receives no financial assistance at all from any other agencies or churches. And, in addition, at this time AM doesn’t have any radio program from which to make appeals;

nor do we have any product to sell, so a work like depends entirely upon the generosity of God’s people. If you’ve been blessed through the work here that perhaps you might consider helping to support this labor. The truth is, I regularly receive letters from many pastors around the country looking for help discerning issues or asking me to do additional research, and we remain hopeful that a church or two might consider taking on AM as even a small part of their mission giving. In any event, a gift of any amount—whether one time or on a regular basis—goes a long way toward helping to keep AM available along the Internet Front. If you’d like to donate via PayPal click here or you can make your checks/money orders payable to Apprising Ministries and send them to: APPRISING MINISTRIES P.O. BOX 340 Claremont, NH 03743

Franklin Graham: Obama 'Giving Islam a Pass,' Warns of Persecution
By: David A. Patten Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham issued his toughest remarks yet Monday on the administration's role in revoking his invitation to speak at the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer event, charging that President Obama is "giving Islam a pass" rather than speaking openly about the "horrific" treatment women and minorities receive in many Muslim countries.

In an exclusive telephone interview with Newsmax.TV, Graham called revoking his invitation to the prayer service "a slap at all evangelical Christians." And he clearly placed the blame on the Obama administration, telling Newsmax that the Pentagon would never revoke such an invitation without first consulting with the White House. "I'm being restricted from my religious rights, and from what I believe," Graham warned, as he complained of a growing “secularization” in the government. He also warned Christian of “coming” persecution for believing in Jesus Christ.

Defrocked Catholic Priest Leads Earth Worship Seminar
Virtue Online Former Dominican Turned Episcopalian Praises Gaia, 'Goddess' An Episcopal priest and theologian who popularized the rave-like "Techno Cosmic Mass" and advocated goddess worship recently led a seminar on mysticism and Earth spirituality to coincide with Earth Day. Warning that environmental degradation caused by raging against "Gaia" had to cease, the Rev. Matthew Fox made frequent references to "the Goddess" and the divine feminine during his environmentally-themed lecture and workshop, "Earth Spirituality and the Mystical Tradition." The event was held in April at the Unitarian Universalist Church in the Washington suburb of Rockville, Maryland, and sponsored by the Shalem

Institute for Spiritual Formation. Episcopal Priest and Theologian Matthew Fox has authored 28 books, many addressing the mysticism and spirituality of Earth worship. (Image Courtesy of Friends of Creation Spirituality) Fox's seminar was a melding of Celtic spirituality, goddess worship, panentheism (which posits that God interpenetrates every part of nature, but also transcends nature), environmental activism, and a political rejection of American "empire," peppered sporadically with digs against the Vatican. Making references to Christian mystics like Hildegard of Bingen alongside pagan deities and the animal world, Fox comfortably oscillated between threats to polar bears and the oppression patriarchy when expressing his views on the natural world. The solution offered by the former Roman Catholic priest was an embrace of ancient spiritual practices, recast in modern language and setting. "This is how you change consciousness the fastest - through rituals, not [academic] degrees," Fox said, explaining the various practices he has either rediscovered or pioneered in mapping out "creation spirituality."

Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin
Telegraph.co.uk A Christian street preacher was arrested and locked in a cell for telling a passer-by that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God. Dale McAlpine was charged with causing “harassment, alarm or distress” after a homosexual police community support officer (PCSO) overheard

him reciting a number of “sins” referred to in the Bible, including blasphemy, drunkenness and same sex relationships. The 42-year-old Baptist, who has preached Christianity in Workington, Cumbria for years, said he did not mention homosexuality while delivering a sermon from the top of a stepladder, but admitted telling a passing shopper that he believed it went against the word of God.

Pope All but Endorses Authenticity of Turin Shroud
NEWSMAX.com Pope Benedict XVI all but gave an outright endorsement of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin on Sunday, calling the cloth that some believe is Christ's burial shroud an icon "written with the blood" of a crucified man. During a visit to the Shroud in the northern Italian city of Turin, Benedict didn't raise the scientific questions that surround the linen and whether it might be a medieval forgery. Instead, he delivered a powerful meditation on the faith that holds that the Shroud is indeed Christ's burial cloth. "This is a burial cloth that wrapped the remains of a crucified man in full correspondence with what the Gospels tell us of Jesus," Benedict said. He said the relic — one of the most important in Christianity — should be seen as a photographic document of the "darkest mystery of faith" — that of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

Washington Post warns Obama against pressuring Israel
Editorial says US 'should recognize that blunt pressure on Israel won't produce Mideast deal' YNET News Yitzhak Benhorin WASHINGTON – The Washington Post warned US President Barack Obama Wednesday against applying too much pressure on Israel as proximity talks with the Palestinians begin. After three-hour meeting between prime minister, US envoy to Mideast, Jerusalem sources refrain from stating meeting marks start of proximity talks, but say it was 'constructive'. Two to meet again Thursday A Post editorial doubted the Obama administration's ability to promote peace with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's rightist government, which it said was "unlikely to accept some of the terms that would be necessary for peace, such as Palestinian sovereignty over part of Jerusalem". "The Obama administration should recognize that blunt pressure on Israel won't produce a Middle East deal. Instead, the administration needs to methodically press both sides to negotiate seriously," the editorial said. See related aticle: Obama to call world summit if Mideast peace talks fail

TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2010

Intense Solar Storm Spins Satellite Out of Control

From Fox News: An adrift Intelsat satellite that stopped communicating with its ground controllers last month remains out of control and has begun moving eastward along the geostationary arc, raising the threat of interference with other satellites in its path, Intelsat and other industry officials said. In what industry officials called an unprecedented event, Intelsat's Galaxy 15 communications satellite has remained fully "on," with its C-band telecommunications payload still functioning even as it has left its assigned orbital slot of 133 degrees west longitude 36,000 kilometers over the equator. Galaxy 15 stopped responding to ground controllers on April 5. The satellite's manufacturer, Orbital Sciences Corp. of Virginia, has said an intense solar storm in early April may be to blame. It was launched into space in 2005. See more on the growing solar storm threat.

Virgin Mary Appears in Denver
Bishop Conley to lead Marian procession by Denver Catholic Register Everyone is invited to join Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley as he leads a procession to honor Mary, the mother of Christ, through the streets of Denver on May 2. Carried in the procession will be the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

The celebration will begin with 3 p.m. Mass at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church on the Auraria campus, during which the statue will be crowned, followed by the procession east down Colfax Avenue to the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Those in the procession will pray the rosary and sing hymns. “This will be an opportunity to express our Catholic faith in public and to draw many closer to God,” said Friar Servants of Mary Father Gabriel Weber, an organizer of the event. “And to pray for peace in the world as our Blessed Mother requested at Fatima.”

Jewish Mysticism Influenced by Muslim Sufism
Jewish mystics on the Sufi path by Nimet Seker at the Pakistan Christian Post Jews do not traditionally destroy texts that include the name of God – even when they are no longer needed. Such texts are kept in the synagogue in a special room called the geniza (hiding place in Hebrew). Over 100 years ago, the geniza of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo was opened, and extraordinary things came to light. The brick room contained works in Arabic and Hebrew by medieval Muslim mystics and pious texts by Jewish writers that were clearly inspired by Sufism. Many of the texts date from the lifetime of Rabbi Abraham Maimonides (1186–1237), the son of the Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides. Rabbi Abraham he-Chassid was the religious and political leader of the Jewish community at the time, and was a significant proponent of a Sufi form of Jewish piety which the Jewish texts call chassidut. The title “he-Chassid”

indicates someone pious who follows a spiritual path, similar to that of the Muslim Sufis.

Alaska & Baja Mexico Quaking


Days of Deadly Disaster
Record Flooding In Tennessee Pushes Nashville and Memphis to Brink of Disaster Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 4, 2010 -- As firefighters and EMS crews rushed to rescue people from their homes and rooftops, local TV news departments went wall-to-wall with hours of Extended Special Report coverage. A critical part of the coverage included content submitted from viewers. Using the Cell Journalist platform, stations in Nashville and Memphis received over 40-thousand pictures and videos in less than 48hours. “Cell Journalist....allowed us to make our viewers part of the process..... to cover every county and city impacted in our coverage area. Now instead of just calling us and telling us what it’s doing at their house – they can show us" says Tracey Rogers Action News 5 News Director. Southeast Death Toll Rising As Rain Leaves Despite improving weather over northern Mississippi to western and central Tennessee and Kentucky this week, many rivers were still rising and evacuations were continuing on Tuesday. The flooding is blamed on a series of storms which have left 28 dead across the Southeast. Storm systems with showers and thunderstorms will avoid the region for much of the week. Since the rain has stopped, the risk of "flash" flooding is ending. However, it is feared that ongoing river flooding will continue over the next several days, leading to additional loss of life.

Oil Spill Now Size of Delaware, Threatens Four States Two weeks after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, a massive oil spill continues to threaten the ecology and economy of the U.S. Gulf Coast. The ever-growing oil slick now measures approximately 130 miles by 70 miles – about the size of the state of Delaware. Four states – Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida – are under threat from the spill. According to Reuters, BP, which was leasing Deepwater Horizon from TransOcean LTD, has reported some progress slowing the flow of oil from the leaking well. Crews in Louisiana have finished building the first of three massive steel and concrete containment domes the company plans to lower in place over one of the three leaks on the ocean floor. BP expects to load the dome aboard a ship tomorrow for transport to the site. BP also has started drilling a relief well that could cap the oil spill, but that effort will take up to three months to complete, Reuters said.

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