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Let’s talk about behaviours
Ø Aggressive

Ø Passive

Ø Assertive

Aggressive behavior
Means standing up for your rights, but in a way that violates the rights of other people. It means saying what you believe in a way that assumes that it the only truth, and that any contradictory statement is wrong.

passive behavior
Ø Failing to stand up for yourself

Ø Avoiding the problem

Ø Likely to establish a pattern of others taking advantage of you


assertive behavior
ASSERTIVENESS is standing up for your rights to be treated fairly. expressing your opinion, needs, feelings without ignoring or hurting the opinion need feelings of other.

How to be assertive
Ø Maintain eye contact. Ø Be careful to speak at conversational level. Ø When you talk use word “I”. Ø Work on your appearance. Ø Speak clearly.

How to be assertive
Ø Be aware of your body postures. Ø Express your emotions clearly. Ø Avoid confusing messages.

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