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We Love America by Willow McMillan

We Love America by Willow McMillan

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Published by Willow1969
My thoughts after 9-11
My thoughts after 9-11

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Published by: Willow1969 on May 15, 2010
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We Love America We love America and that's a fact Even more now since after the attack They

thought they'd bring us to our knees Is that all they got, Oh Please We love America and that is true We do what's right for the red, white and blue We stand tall, united and proud If you can't hear us we'll shout it loud We love America as you see Because we live in the land of the free Come to our country and show respect If not then on your passport will show reject We love America and that's all there is to say We see a new tomorrow each and every day We may not be all rich in our bank accounts But we all are rich where it really counts We live in America the land of the free And no matter what happens to me I know each morning when I awake I'll know that living in the USA is no mistake So all of those who seem to hate us Stay off our planes trains cars and bus Go back where you're happy and let us be We love America and that's enough for me Written by Willow McMillan March 26, 2004

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