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NMBJ Media Kit Sample

NMBJ Media Kit Sample


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NMBJ Electronic Media Kit Sample
NMBJ Electronic Media Kit Sample

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Published by: nmbjgraphics on May 29, 2008
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Money Maker’s Monthly presents...

OUR INDUSTRY: The direct sales/network marketing and other affordable opportunities industry is exploding. Growing over an average of 10% a year or more, the industry consists of more than 2,000 corporations, in the U.S. alone, many of which are Fortune 500 companies or have them as parents. OUR COMPANY: Network Marketing Business Journal is the same team that ran Money Maker’s Monthly from 1986-2004. We have seen competing publications come and go, leaving unfulfilled but already paid-for advertising commitments in the process. Our management team has never missed a commitment or deadline. OUR PUBLICATION: Network Marketing Business Journal is a real trade journal, not just a shallow advertising sheet. We are by far the number-one publication for the direct sales/network marketing industry. Our consistent quality and informative editorial content has earned us a reputation second to none. As an advertiser, you will benefit from our credibility. OUR READERSHIP: There are more than 13 million entrepreneurs managing their own thriving distributor-type businesses in the U.S.A. and Canada alone. These people are seeking good opportunities. OUR CIRCULATION: Network Marketing Business Journal circulation is highly targeted and guaranteed. Because we target the readers you want to reach, you do not waste your advertising and follow-up dollars. Since almost all of the guaranteed circulation is directly mailed, you get what you pay for – experienced business builders. OUR EDITORIAL: Readers enjoy the newspaper cover to cover because it is customized to their interests. Network Marketing Business Journal columns and articles are professionally written by top industry writers. Our editorial content is relevant, timely, informative, educational and professionally edited. OUR FORMAT: The large tabloid format provides ample space to tell your entire story. You will never find full page after full page of advertising. Most readers just skip over that kind of format. In fact, all advertisements in Network Marketing Business Journal are either accompanied by an article on that same page or on the page immediately adjacent to it. A magazine-sized ad can actually generate more leads in our publication because of the interesting article found on the same page! OUR LEADERSHIP: Network Marketing Business Journal is the industry leader with the largest circulation, both in the U.S.A. and throughout the world. We have printed in seven countries and in seven languages, with distribution in more than 50 countries. Our cost per thousand for an ad is less than any of our competitors. Network Marketing Business Journal is 100% targeted to the right people at the right place.

Money Maker’s Monthly presents...

We Find Business Builders That Build Businesses Like Yours!

Dear Network Marketing Professional: History has proven that 5% to 10% of any company’s sales force does 80% to 90% of the recruiting. No matter how much you want your company to be different, this is a fact of life in network marketing that you will find consistent.These select groups of distributors are called “Business Builders.” Over the years, the management team of Network Marketing Business Journal has been proven to be able to find these business builders better than anyone! That is why since 1986, we are still the premier publication that industry leaders look to. We have published in 7 countries and 7 languages. It has been distributed to almost 50 countries! The secret of our advertisers’ success, since 1986, has been our 100% targeted distribution to experienced network marketers. During a year, Network Marketing Business Journal does a direct mailing to approaching 2 MILLION different experienced network marketers PLUS our paid subscribers and have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS more issues on newsstands in the U.S. alone. This is a true circulation. You can times these numbers by 4 or 5 to obtain our readership that is in the MULTI-MILLIONS! HERE ARE A FEW FACTS THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CIRCULATION: • Most publications report readership, not true circulation. • Most publications report newsstand distribution not newsstand sell-through, which is usually 10% to 25%. If they do, they mislead you by reporting the sell-through right after the issues are taken off the newsstand. This can be as high as 60% to 80%, but when returns are reported for 6 months it’s down to 12% to 15%, but you were never told that! • Some would like you to think that experienced network marketers are “MLM junkies” – network marketers who take their downline from your company to another. In contrast then “MLM pros” are experienced network marketers who take their downline from another company and join yours! Seriously, the real “junkie lead” is a prospect who has no network marketing experience and wants nothing to do with network marketing. In the real world there are many legitimate reasons for experienced network marketers to be looking for a new program and there is no better substitute for experience. • Network Marketing Business Journal provides the best circulation to find experienced business builders to build your network marketing business! But don’t just take our word for it. Watch our short video and listen to what other industry leaders have to say. Look at our advertising rates (these represent the lowest cost per true, real-targeted circulation than you will find anywhere). Notice we even have a package that gives you several months of advertising including a full-color centerfold, a FREE feature article, and thousands of 4-color, 4-page reprints all for 0-net cost to you. But hurry! These packages can be offered to a limited number of companies only! Call 1-800-59MONEY for details today!

Money Maker’s Monthly presents...


“I don’t want my distributors (independent contractors) to see the newspaper with all of the other opportunities.”
In any sales-oriented industry, the first thing a company’s leaders teach their salespeople is to learn everything there is to know about how to sell their product. The second thing is to teach the salespeople everything about the competitor’s products, so they can be knowledgeable and outsell the competition. Network Marketing Business Journal will help your distributors beat the competition. Every industry has an industry publication and everyone in that industry usually receives it to keep informed on current events and concepts. Network Marketing Business Journal is the industry publication for network marketing and direct sales. Anyone WORKING in the industry will learn of other opportunities anyway, through conversations, mailings and other written material. People who are unaware of other opportunities are not working and will probably drop out no matter what. Distributors don’t switch companies because they see a better opportunity. They switch because they did not have the help or tools they needed to be successful. Give your distributors the tools they need to be successful. Give them Network Marketing Business Journal and a promotional campaign to support them and their advertising. Network Marketing Business Journal is the No. 1 international industry publication and is growing fast. Distributors are going to see the publication anyway since Network Marketing Business Journal is now on national newsstands, in addition to a direct mailing of up to 150,000+ sent out every month. It’s important for distributors to get an industry overview, learn the latest statistics, discover new training techniques, be informed about industry events and understand legal issues. By reading Network Marketing Business Journal your distributors will become more productive and knowledgeable distributors for your company, adding to your bottom line. Be a LEADER and show them that your company is better than the competition. Provide good tools and give them the leadership and momentum that a Network Marketing Business Journal promotional campaign can provide.

Money Maker’s Monthly presents...



Network Marketing Business Journal Serving as the International Industry Journal for Network Marketing “We find the network marketing business builders who build network marketing businesses.” $3.99 U.S./$5.99 Canada Monthly Publishing in the Network Marketing Industry, since September 1, 1986. Keith Laggos, Ph.D. Curtis Circulation Company Up to 200,000 in U.S. and growing (up to 1,000,000 readership) 13 million network marketing and multilevel entrepreneurs




Money Maker’s Monthly presents...

Network Marketing Business Journal – Always the Leading Publication For The Rapidly Expanding Network Marketing Industry!
There’s a phenomenon taking place on the worldwide business scene that is being noticed and commented upon favorably by Wall Street ... Corporate America … futurists and savvy business columnists throughout the world. It’s the rapid and far-reaching growth of multilevel marketing, also known as network marketing. Using this amazing approach to marketing, many network marketing companies of late have come out of nowhere to challenge such industry giants as AT&T, MCI and Sprint in telecommunications; Merck, Shering Plough and Bristol Myers Squibb in pharmaceuticals and health care consumables; and Revlon, Maybelline and Max Factor in cosmetics. You’ll also find network marketing companies selling jewelry, travel, satellite TV and a host of other reputable and often cutting-edge products and services. (Note: Many new and innovative products first gained the light of day through NETWORK MARKETING — and when Corporate America realized their promise, it adopted those products as its own.) Perhaps the single greatest challenge facing all network marketing companies is to solve the riddle, “Where can we find qualified distributors for our product lines?” That’s where Network Marketing Business Journal excels. With a monthly targeted circulation up to 200,000 and the respect that only a decades-old, industry-leading journal can command, we’re the first choice of companies — new and old — that are seeking help to find qualified distributors. And we’re the first place seasoned, novice and wannabe distributors come looking for new or additional opportunities. We also serve as the marketplace that network marketing companies always visit when seeking professional services. These can include, but are not limited to: legal services; advertising; marketing and public relations assistance; computer hardware and software; telecommunication services; and financial services. In short, the list is endless. A look at our many departments reveals: COMPANY OF THE MONTH: This regular feature highlights a highly successful network marketing company each month. Products, management, compensation plan, philosophy and sales objectives are covered in depth. Companies choosing this publicity route often do so to: a) secure new distributors, b) instill pride in their current distributors, c) secure new customers, d) open an avenue to securing reprints which can aid distributors in telling the company’s story, e) create a professional, national image for the featured company, and f) help the company secure a national marketing position. (Note: Reprints are also available for the New Kid on the Block, Product of the Month and Manufacturer/Service/Support Company of the Month).

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK: There’s always a new company coming along in network marketing that has an intriguing story to tell. Readers want to know what’s new in network marketing and this is one of the ways Network Marketing Business Journal responds to that keen interest. PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Some of the very best consumers of network marketing products are the very network marketing distributors who are devoted Network Marketing Business Journal readers. For advertisers, this column represents excellent exposure for any new, innovative product they may be offering. MANUFACTURER/SERVICE/SUPPORT COMPANY OF THE MONTH: This feature introduces, on a timely basis, some of the top suppliers to the network marketing industry. Busy readers are spared the effort of finding organizations which may serve their critical needs in a swift, efficient and cost-effective manner. SPOTLIGHT ON: Here’s a feature that brings the human touch to our business. It covers an individual or a small team that is making a mark in network marketing. It enjoys impressive readership because the article often includes tips on recruiting, advertising, and other business topics that can be of use to anyone who is pursuing a network marketing career. INDUSTRY NEWS & UPDATES: An entire page each month is devoted to providing editorial coverage of new company developments, news events, edited news releases, legal developments and industry events. Naturally, Network Marketing Business Journal reserves the right to edit and/or reject any news release if we feel it is inappropriate for our audience, isn’t really news or misses our deadline. PUBLISHER’S PERSPECTIVE: Publisher Keith Laggos, Ph.D., an unrelenting supporter of the network marketing industry and a man ahead of his time, is willing to take anyone to task who misrepresents or unfairly treats anyone in the network marketing industry, in this always interesting, always lively column. And when he isn’t busy going after misinformed detractors of the network marketing industry, he settles back into his professorial role (he’s a former college professor) and provides what many consider to be the most insightful, educational columns in the network marketing industry. An industry educator, he has also written and published two college textbook for the industry, Direct Sales – An Overview, and How to... Recruit & Sell in an over-commercialized society. He has also published a fictional book, Higher Than The Highest Mountain. FEATURE COLUMNS & ARTICLES: The Network Marketing Business Journal’s editorial team for two decades has been providing interesting and useful feature articles and columns by experts in network marketing, traditional marketing, human resources, investments, taxes, financial matters, training, motivation, advertising, public relations, technology, the Internet, legal matters and too many other fields to mention. Many highly successful network marketing companies owe a debt of gratitude to Network Marketing Business Journal’s management team for helping them distinguish themselves from competitors while simultaneously building their image, enhancing their marketing position, developing name recognition and expanding their downlines as Network Marketing Business Journal educates and informs. Were you to step back in time and select at random any issue published by our editorial team dating back five years or more, you could see for yourself the key role we have played in introducing numerous fledgling network marketing firms to our industry. Those with astute management saw the wisdom of continuing their advertising programs with us. Putting modesty aside for a moment, we happily proclaim they have grown into network marketing giants. Yes, their faith in advertising with us has paid off big. If your firm isn’t already advertising with us, perhaps now is the time to do so.

Money Maker’s Monthly presents...

Network Marketing Business Journal is set in a six-column format. Each column measures 15/8 inches across and extends 16 inches in depth. Each page is 96 column inches. Advertising is priced by the column inch per region. Advertisers select the column-inch size to suit their needs and budgets. CLASSIFIED ADS: All one-column inch ads (one column by one inch) and two-column inch ads (two columns by one inch or one column by two inches) are regarded as classified ads. Classified ads are placed under the appropriate classification and appear toward the back of the newspaper. DISPLAY ADS: All three-column-inch ads, or larger, are regarded as display ads. Display ads are placed throughout the newspaper and usually include a border. All ad space is purchased at integer increments. Fractional inches are not available. (Example: A two-column by four and 41/2 inches ad requires a two column by 5 inches space, or 10 column inches.) Premium pages, such as the center spread and back page are available on a first-come-firstserve basis at additional cost. Call for information. TYPESETTING: Network Marketing Business Journal provides FREE typesetting for ads received by the 10th of the month when the order is accompanied by full payment. Ads should be submitted with typed copy and some sort of layout suggestion. Ads to be typeset should be sent to us as soon as possible. Extra time is even more important regarding color ads or ads requiring special design elements. Ads received after the 10th that need typesetting will be subject to an additional 25% charge. CAMERA READY: Ads may be sent camera ready until the 17th of the month. Payment in full must accompany all ads or they will not be included. “Camera Ready” refers only to ads that have been typeset or laser printed at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). Pictures should be screened for printing with an 85 line screen. Scanned photos must be Hi Res and scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi. Ads need to be the correct size. If ads are submitted in an incorrect size or have been printed in an unacceptable manner, they are not considered camera ready and will either have to be reset or reworked to fit our needs. These ads are considered “Ads to be Typeset” and should be submitted by the 10th or they will be subject to an additional 25% charge.

ADS ON DISK: Ads should be submitted on floppy disk, Zip disk, or CD. Our printer may be able to handle other media, but this will need to be checked on as media availability at our printer changes all the time. Ads should be created using a Macintosh platform in the latest version of QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Freehand or Illustrator. Fonts should be included on the disk. Ads can also be accepted in any platform (Macintosh or IBM) in an EPS or TIFF format. Scanned photos must be Hi Res and scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi. ADS SUBMITTED AS FILM: Ads submitted by film should be RRED (Right Reading Emulsion Down). Line screen should be set at 85. Special instructions should be attached to the film regarding color or any special considerations. SUBMITTING ADS IN AN IBM FORMAT: While we do not have IBM graphics capability, our printer may. The printer would have to be called and asked about any specific media. We can accept graphics saved as an EPS, or TIFF file. Also, we can accept typed material that is saved on an IBM disk from most IBM word processors. For best results, save type as ASCII or text. AD CONTENT AND LAYOUT: Adult ads, ads for chain letters, misleading ads and ads for illegal (or potentially illegal) schemes will be rejected. Logos and artwork may be included. They should be actual size. Special instructions regarding layout will be honored when possible. COLOR: Display ads that measure 1/8 page, or larger, may include color. Additional cost for color: One color – 25%; two colors – 30%; full color – 35%. INSERTS: Flyers, catalogs, pamphlets, etc. may be directly inserted into Network Marketing Business Journal. Quotes are available through our corporate office. PAYMENT: All ads must be prepaid. Payment must be made by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Ads that do not come with payment will not run.

Money Maker’s Monthly presents...


“I am the Chief Operations Officer of The Right Solution and am very pleased with the responses from our Network Marketing Business Journal Articles. It is the first time that we have received a far greater return for our investment as it relates to prospects, image, and product identification. It is great to see that Network Marketing Business Journal truly represents a very fair and real representation of our market. I highly recommend them as a major resource as a promotional opportunity for not only your company but most importantly for your distributors and customers. Thank You Business Journal & Staff for a job well done!!!” - Flo Ternes, The Right Solution “MLMTC appreciates the support that the publishers of Network Marketing Business Journal have given us since the inception of our company. We depend on the significant business we derive from the publisher's publications, contacts and referrals. The publisher and staff has always been there to support us with our business. We rely on their publications and services as a key resource for assessing the trends and direction of the network marketing industry. We consider the Network Marketing Business Journal not only a great marketing vehicle but also a strategic partner.” – Ian Cordell, MLM Technology Corporation “Timely reporting! Industry sensitive! Focus! Positive Ad Response! Comprehensive industry overview!” – Jana Mitcham, Executive Vice President, Vitacorp International “I have used the publisher’s journal since April 2002, because it puts my ad in front of people who are looking to make more money from home. And the key to success in network marketing is to talk with people who want what you have to offer. Network Marketing Business Journal helps me successfully do that.” – Brett Rademacher, Independent Contractor

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