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Published by: Willow1969 on May 15, 2010
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A “lineage-linked” database website is a place where
genealogists can publish their pedigrees into a large
database online. The names, dates, places, and rela-
tionships/lineages for each tree are prepared by
submitters in a special electronic format called
GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication),
generated by a genealogical software system.

The pedigree details from a GEDCOM file are then
merged with linked lineages that have been submit-

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ted by others. Some sophistication is used by the sys-
tem to determine if a newly submitted person is the
same as one already in the database. A checklist of
name spelling, date of birth, place of birth, name of
spouse, date of marriage, place of marriage, names of
parents, and names of children is done to ensure the
match is correct. When this happens, one submitter
may gain from information submitted by another—one
who had more names, links, or extended pedigrees.
This is an ideal way to share your work and make
contact with cousins you never knew about.

However, all of the data is subject to confirmation,
because it depends on the veracity of the submitted
information. The main problem is that many of the
pedigree links come from untrustworthy published
sources, such as printed family histories. There are
many published genealogies with blatant errors, yet
they are often copied by genealogists as “the truth.”
If more than one genealogist submits an identical, but
incorrect, pedigree, there is no way for the lineage-
linked system to know if the information is correct
or not. As a result, all of the links found in one of
the lineage-linked databases need to be taken as “pos-
sible” rather than “the truth.” In every case you
should confirm the information and the sources and
contact the submitter, or repeat the research done by
the person who submitted the information.

The best way to access one of the linked lineage sites
is to start at Cyndi’s List (www.cyndislist.com/). Go
to the Main Category Index and find the category
“Databases—Lineage-Linked,” which includes the
following direct links:

Ancestry.com—Ancestry World Tree.More
than 400,000,000 names. A free database that allows
people to publicly share their family trees with other
researchers. The database comes from earlier hand-
entered data (some 25–30 years old) rather than from
recent GEDCOM file submissions. (No membership
required to access this database.)


This data-
base gathers family trees and family history
records for millions of people, analyzes the birth,
death, and marriage data, and then displays the
most probable matches for your ancestors. The
data mostly comes from GEDCOM files submit-
ted by Ancestry members. (No membership re-
quired to access this database.)

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service—
Search for Ancestors.
The searchable databases at
the Family History Library’s Home Page include the
following lineage-linked databases:

Pedigree Resource File. Family history files that

have been submitted by registered users of the
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service.

Ancestral File. Pre-GEDCOM, includes data

hand-entered mostly by LDS members.

International Genealogical Index. Links may be

to the parents of a person, but more often links are
to a spouse only. Extensive coverage from Euro-
pean sources.

GenServ—Family History.Over 22,000,000
names in 15,500+ GEDCOM databases.

OneGreatFamily.Provides its members with the
ability to collaborate and build a worldwide geneal-
ogy database. Information entered by members can
be matched and merged with that of other members
to create family trees. The system provides notifica-
tion of potential matches with data already contained
in the database.

WorldConnect Project.From RootsWeb. More
than 420,000,000 names.

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