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Genealogy eBook

Genealogy eBook

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Published by: Willow1969 on May 15, 2010
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You need the GEDCOM utility to submit data to one
of the lineage-linked databases. To get the GEDCOM
utility you need a genealogical software package that
includes that utility. There are hundreds of genealogi-
cal software systems available on the market, but
there are just a few that have any great numbers of
users. A good review of the top ten genealogical soft-
ware systems is at: http://genealogy-software-

You will note that all ten systems reviewed are for
Windows PCs only. (There are only a couple of sys-
tems for the Macintosh.) Three of the software sys-
tems should be noted here:

Personal Ancestry File

(PAF). This soft-
ware has a huge user base and is available as a free
download from the Family History Library’s website.
The FHL invented the GEDCOM utility and it is in-
cluded in PAF.

26 •Getting Started in Genealogy ONLINE

Family Tree Maker

.The largest selling
software, with over 2 million users. A product of
Ancestry, Inc., it can be purchased from their site.
(Basic version is about $30.00.) The GEDCOM util-
ity built into FTM includes direct submission of files
to the OneWorldTreeSM



.This software is probably the
easiest to use. It has the best layout of a pedigree,
family group, descendancy, or lineage, and has cus-
tom-printed reports that can go to your word proces-
sor for editing. Available for about $30.00 from the
publisher at www.rootsmagic.com. The GEDCOM
utility in RootsMagic compiles the information faster
than any other software system.

The GEDCOM utility included in virtually all genea-
logical software systems has become the standard
method of transferring linked genealogical files be-
tween computers. After the data is entered into a soft-
ware database, every item can be converted to the
GEDCOM format, including all names, dates, places,
and links to spouse, parents, and children; plus all
notes, textual biographies, or source references. As
a result, a genealogist can start with any genealogi-
cal software system, then decide to change to another
system by exporting a GEDCOM file from the first
system and importing the same file into a second
system. This can be done with no loss of data.

But the GEDCOM utility has really proven its
value as a means of submitting genealogical infor-
mation to an online database. It’s a way of adver-
tising your work and to find other people working
on your surnames.

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