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Herdiman, S.

Mobile : 085259156524

Bandung, Mei 27th, 2016

Capt. Barrie James
To Whom It May Concern:

I am interested in applying the Welder. My name is Herdiman, single male, 23 years

old. Fresh Graduated from Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang of Makassar, majoring in
Mechanical Engineering Sub Major Manufacture Engineering with GPA 3.50 (scale of
.I have high achievement motivation and eager to learn new things at work. My working
experiences and campus organizations made me can work either independently or as a
team. Has a good motivation for progress and growing. I am hard worker, responsible,
sociable, and discipline person. I could manage my timeline and I have good adaptation
in new environment.
With my qualifications, I confident that I will be able to contribute effectively to
your company. Herewith I enclose my Curriculum Vitae.
I hope my qualification will meet your consideration and look forward to hearing from
you. I am very enthusiastic to join with you and would like to give my gratitude for
your attention. Again, thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,